Party pioneers gather strength, volunteer services warm the heart

"Be a brick of volunteer service, move wherever you need." On October 28th and 29th, 2021, when the 23rd athletic games were held, in order to vigorously promote the volunteer service spirit of "dedication, love, mutual help and progress", vigorously practice the core socialist values and cultivate the new era of volunteer youth, the student party members, reserve party members and party members of the General Party Branch of International College In response to the school's call, the student party members, reserve party members and party activists of the International College actively responded to the school's call and took practical action to play the role of party members' pioneer and exemplary leadership to carry out a series of volunteer work during the games, actively active in the college base camp, with their dedication and enthusiasm to ignite the hot field of the games, to ensure the smooth implementation of the games.

They stood firm at their posts and practiced the original intention and mission of communists with practical actions. On the boiling field, their figures are not as eye-catching as the contestants, and their emotions are not as excited as the students watching the game; but they shuttle around, like stringing pearls, and do their duty to maintain the stability and peace of the whole field. In the cheers of the field, there are always people who get their own exclusive memories of the games. There were those who shouted at the check-in counter, those who carefully set up props at the starting point, those who carried cameras and chased the athletes on the track, and those who gave hugs and comfort to the athletes at the end.

They always maintain the order on the sidelines, they are attentive to the athletes who are off their feet, they help check the complicated data, and they run around to pass on the latest results ...... Their busy figures are silently recorded in every corner of the campus, converging into a powerful force that sends the most timely care to all the students and teachers present.

In this activity, a total of 11 student party members, reserve party members and party activists of the International College Party Branch volunteered to contribute their youthful power to the smooth development of the Games, inheriting the fine tradition of the party members, spreading positive energy and showing the mission and responsibility of the new force of young party members. On the road of volunteer service, the party pioneers rushed ahead and let the party flag fly high in the party pioneer post.

The river of time flows on and on, and every generation of youth has its own chance and opportunity to plan their lives and create history under the conditions of their own times. Youth is the most sensitive barometer of the times, the responsibility of the times is given to youth, and the glory of the times belongs to youth. In the future, the progressive young people of the International College Party Branch will continue to do their part for their classmates, for the school and for the society with the greatest enthusiasm, and assume the responsibility of the youth in the new era!