Sino-German College of Design and Communication's 20th National Congress Spirit Study Seminar was successfully held

On November 23, 2022 at 12:00 noon, Sino-German College of Design and Communication invited Associate Professor Xiao Yizhen from the School of Marxism of the University to give a lecture on the theme of the spirit of the 20th National Congress to the teachers and students of Sino-German College of Design and Communication in Room 207 of Building 53. The lecture was attended by all teachers, student party members, development candidates, party activists and some student representatives. 

The 20th Party Congress proposed that from now on, the central task of the CPC is to unite and lead the people of all nationalities to build a strong socialist modern state, achieve the second century goal, and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization. The report of the 20th CPC National Congress gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation of what Chinese modernization is and how to achieve it. With the title of "Chinese Modernization: The Strongest Voice of the New Journey in the New Era", Associate Professor Xiao Yizhen gave a profound explanation on the keyword "Chinese Modernization" from four aspects: the strong voice of the era, the historical process of Chinese modernization, the Chinese characteristics of Chinese modernization, and the requirements of the era of Chinese modernization.

Xiao Yizhen summarizes the historical process of Chinese-style modernization from three points in time: in the 1860s, China started the process of passive modernization; in 1949, China started the process of active modernization; and in 2012, China successfully promoted and expanded Chinese-style modernization. In the process of Chinese-style modernization, China has created two major miracles: one is the rapid economic development and the other is the long-term social stability.

"There is neither a one-size-fits-all model of modernization nor a one-size-fits-all standard of modernization in the world. Western capitalist societies achieved industrialization and changes in social systems earlier, leading some to believe that modernization equals Westernization and modernization equals capitalism. And through the lecture we understand that modernization is not equal to westernization." Mr. Xiao's lecture gave the students and teachers a clear and deeper understanding of "Chinese modernization".

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Xiao quoted the message for young people from the report of the 20th National Congress: "The 20th National Congress is a red sun, a monument, and a lighthouse to guide the smooth voyage of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. We should study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress, unite closely around the Party Central Committee, listen to the Party, follow the Party, strive to be a good youth of the new era who have ideals, dare to take charge, can bear hardships, and are willing to struggle, so that youth can blossom in the hot practice of building a modern socialist country! This is to encourage young students to be self-confident and self-improvement, to keep righteousness and innovation, and to be vigorous and courageous.

Finally, Mr. Huang Heqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of the Sino-German College of Design and Communication, summarized the content of Mr. Xiao Yizheng's lecture and instructed the students listening to the lecture: "The spirit of the 20th National Congress is rich in connotation, and the 20th National Congress of the Party has drawn the blueprint of the future development of the country. In this great era, we will all contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Young people should actively study the latest political theory knowledge, and only when we have formed a consensus in our thoughts can we gather strength in our actions and better promote the development of Chinese modernization.