We're Sino-German|Yihan He: I'm excited to break out of my comfort zone

"The most impressive thing that happened to me during my college years was that I won the One Show Chinese Youth Creativity Award with my teammates under the guidance of the faculty. This award has a high gold value in the industry. I remember that night, because of the epidemic, several members of our team were scattered all over the world, watching the ONE Show Awards Ceremony live online. The live awards were announced one by one, just like the Oscars, which was exciting." He Yihan laughed and said, "After the awards were given out, we were not even there. At that time, we already thought there was no hope. Who knew that we would win the bronze award? The joy of that moment was indescribable."

Today's "We're Chinese-German" interview is with a man fromHe Yihan, Class 19, Visual Communication Design, Sino-German School of Design and CommunicationWith her interactive portfolio entitled "Many Faces", she won 11 admissions from 9 top institutions worldwide. With her interactive portfolio entitled "Many Faces", she won 11 acceptances from 9 top institutions around the world, earning her a "grand slam" of art applications from C.T.A. students. Among the institutions that accepted her were the global art and design hall of fame -Royal College of Art(Royal College of Art) andUniversity of the Arts London(University of the Arts London), and the QS World University Ranking #15University of Edinburgh(The University of Edinburgh), the 41stUniversity of Sydney(The University of Sydney), the 45thUniversity of New South Wales(The University of New South Wales), the 57thMonash University(Monash University) and the 86thUniversity of Leeds(University of Leeds).

Competition Master

During the four years of university, He Yihan participated in many professional competitions and subject competitions, and gained a lot, such as the authoritative award of global brand advertising designONE SHOW Chinese Youth Creative Award Bronze Award(team), theAllG GROSS Silver Award of the Ball Student Creativity Award(individual), theThe 3rd Hong Kong Contemporary Design Awards Silver Award(individual), theFirst Prize of 2021 National (Ningbo) University Exhibition Creative Design Competition(Team), etc.

"I think the competition is: just rush it and be done with it, regardless of whether we win the prize or not. Just like when we participated in ONE SHOW, our instructor said that the award was quite difficult, but it had a high gold content, so we tried our best to do it well. The instructor had experience in winning this competition, so we were more confident. Dean Zhang Yiping gave us high praise after reading our report, which encouraged us a lot, and the final result was really good." He Yihan said.

He Yihan believes that the success of her research application is inseparable from the teaching model of the Sino-German Institute. The curriculum of the Sino-German Institute is very focused on the integration of industry and education, which makes her "soft power" continuously improved.ONE SHOW CHINA, ,High School Exhibition Entrepreneurship Competitionand other subject competitions, as well as projects from many famous companies such as Jiuyu City and Hape are brought into the professional classroom in large numbers, and many of the usualCoursework directly linked to competitions, the students completed their assignments while also participating in design competitions. This curriculum has helped her save extra time seeking professional practice and has given her more motivation to complete her assignments and truly integrate the theory she has learned into her practice.

He also likes a lot of the College's settingsInterdisciplinary Collaborative Courses. Her Visual Communication Design major has collaborative projects with students in Advertising, Exhibition, and Computer Science. All these collaborative experiences have enriched her materials for applying to graduate schools abroad. In the Interdisciplinary Branding Practice Translation Course set up by the college, He Yihan formed a team with fellow students from other majors to design a brand marketing campaign for the German brand EEKUAL bionic sports shoes to help them enter the Chinese market. They had the opportunity to communicate directly with the company, get the most intuitive understanding of their needs, and suggest improvements to their designs in response to those needs.

Her final choice, the Information Design program at the University of Edinburgh, is a typical interdisciplinary program that requires applicants to have the ability to combine both art and design with computer hardware and software, and He Yihan'sHer interdisciplinary project experience was a strong plus in her study abroad application.

Step out of your comfort zone

"I've never been afraid to experiment with different subject areas.Break out of your comfort zoneIt gives me a great sense of accomplishment. It is through these projects and competition experiences in different design fields that I can now clearly understand what I love, what kind of industry I want to work in and what kind of designer I want to be in the future." He Yihan said about the original intention of participating in competitions and projects, "I hope to find my own position and feel my position in the team through continuous experimentation."

Ever since she enrolled in school, He Yihan has been determined to pursue her own design study path. Throughout her four years of study, she has been holding herself to a high standard of being an "all-rounder". In order to enter the university of her choice, He Yihan has made a careful study plan: "I will make daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plans for myself. My plan is never written on paper, but firmly in my head, I clearly understand the timing of each thing, and what I need to accomplish by when." Due to the epidemic, many of her plans have been disrupted. But when making plans, she anticipates possible contingencies in advance and develops relevant coping strategies. She mentioned thatIt is important to have the ability to deal with unexpected situationsThis has enabled her to remain calm and rational no matter what difficulties she encounters. This allows her to stay calm and deal with whatever difficulties she encounters in a rational and calm manner.

He Yihan is making an interactive art installation

At this stage, she is doing an internship at Hangzhou Caitong Securities Co. She is accustomed to the presentations conducted during the course, and she is able to export her ideas boldly even though she is new to the workplace. Her previous experience in student work organizations at school has also enabled her to handle interpersonal communication with relative ease.

He Yihan interned at Hangzhou Caitong Securities Co.

The teaching of visual communication design in Sino-German College is focused on "Brand Design"Unfold. He Yihan believes that rational thinking is needed when doing brand research and logical analysis, while boldness and sensibility are indispensable when doing brand creativity and visuals. Her works involve service design, user experience, space design and digital media fields, with a strong focus on the combination of rationality and sensibility. Because of her professional foundation in brand design, she was able to apply for the Master's degree in Interaction Design in an interdisciplinary direction.Because the underlying logic of design is common among different professional disciplines.He Yihan keeps stepping out of his comfort zone of learning to explore more expressions and technical possibilities in the field of design.

"Three lines of battle"He Yihan said that he is a perennialThree lines of "combat"-- In addition to constantly improving your portfolio and completing your coursework carefully to maintain a high GPA, you must also further improve your language skills and communication skills.Due to the large number of foreign teachers involved in the professional courses of the Sino-German CollegeHe Yihan has already adapted to communicate with foreign teachers. In the professional interview of the Royal College of Art, she was never shy in the face of the professor examiners, and she spoke eloquently and boldly to express her ideas and creativity, so she also successfully got the recommendation of overseas professors.

The scene of making the device "Head Bald" with Arduino

"Fluffy" ideas, record daily

When applying to graduate schools in the arts, students need to prepare a portfolio of their work. In this regard, He Yihan suggested that you can try to integrate the process of portfolio making into your daily life, and bring a "fluffy" attitude to study and live. It is important to prepare all the materials for the application in advance, and not to delay or treat it as a task. You should keep the habit of keeping records in your daily life, you can record some interesting little events you have experienced, and these little things may become the source of inspiration for "big ideas".

Based on his own experience, He Yihan gave advice to students who aim to go abroad for graduate school: "StudentsHave goals and planning. Setting a goal is to give yourself added motivation, planning is to help you reach that goal. Never set your sights low - I don't hang on to a top school, but I approach it step by step with my actions.See the distance and do not fear the competition--Our competitors are strong, they are "double first-class" universities, major art schools, and overseas undergraduate students. We should help each other, encourage each other, and compete in a healthy way, so that we can accomplish our dreams and enter the college of our choice. "