We're Chinese and German | Sun Kaixin: Wool Felt and My Wonderful Kingdom

This issue of the "We're Sino-German" series features a student with a unique hobby.Sun Kaixin from the Sino-German School of Design and Communication, Visual Communication Design, Class 20.From clay to wool felting, he has been involved in many fields of crafts and has developed the skill of turning corruption into magic. Without interfering with his studies, he uses his hobby to build his own "Kingdom of Wonder".At the time of the interview, his handmade video had already surpassed 1 million views on B-site.

Sun Kaixin:I do some crafts after school, and wool felt is the main area I'm involved in now. I sometimes go to the non-heritage studio in building 3 of the school to teach classes and help students understand how to make wool felt.

Sun Kaixin with the mortar dragon he made

Knowledge is the beginning of action

Sun Kaixin has loved paleontology since he was a child, especially hand-robbing dragons."Hand pirate dragons are more like birds, most of them have feathers. I wanted to present them with textured real hair one to one, which is why I came across the craft of wool felting, and subsequently got overwhelmed."

The production of wool felt, is Sun Kaixin from zero to start little by little to figure out. Recovering the Hand Pirate Dragon is not an easy task, and Sun Kaixin's memory of the details of the initial production is already a bit fuzzy, only remembering the time when he was fully concentrated. After continuous exploration of various production techniques and repeated polishing of details, he finally succeeded in recovering the Hand Pirate Dragon. That moment of joy made him feel that all the effort was worth it.

Sun Kaixin has also tried his hand at making large pieces of wool felt:"For large pieces, I first make a strong skeleton out of wire, followed by a twist of the bar to help attach it, followed by the wool poking part. After the overall form is made, I will use hair implants to treat the hair part of the piece, considering the texture of the large piece."

Practice with consistency

Kaixin Sun:I think I am a patient person, I will keep doing and figuring out what I am interested in.

His interest in handicrafts led him to upload production videos on B-site one after another earlier, and to accumulate some paleontology-loving fans.The gradual rise in the number of fans did not let Sun Kaixin get carried away, but prompted him to pay more attention to the details of the restoration, as well as the improvement of their own craft standards.When he found that the total play count of his B-site video exceeded 1 million and the total number of followers exceeded 1000, Sun Kaixin was vaguely proud of this.

Recently, theHe started to create his own original fantasy series, Wee Rabbit.The name Wake-Rabbit is taken from the sentence in the literary version of the chicken and rabbit cage -"The geometry of each of the infantile rabbits".Because in the image, he combines the characteristics of rabbits and chickens for the overall design. In addition, his favorite elements of ancient creatures were added as embellishments. Finally, the lifelike image of the fantasy creature was created.

Fantasy animals--Wild rabbits

convergence and coherence

As a matter of fact, the specialized courses of Sino-German Visual Communication and Design have played an important role in Sun Kaixin's production of wool felts.In his opinion, the visual design he studied and the design of wool felt shapes are interchangeable.In addition, the introduction of the Sino-German Institute to their content about brand building has enabled him to plan his series of design works in a more structured way, so that they have brand commonality and tone.

Sun Kaixin also applies his craft skills to his coursework from time to time.For example, for his packaging design course, he chose to use museum co-branded chocolates as his final assignment. He made chocolate models using clay and posed with small dinosaurs made of wool felt to take display photos.

When asked whether the craft would delay his studies, Sun Kaixin gave a negative answer without hesitation.

Sun Kaixin:I think there are only two things in my life - studying and doing crafts, which actually helps me save a lot of time that other people spend on playing games and shaking.

Sun Kaixin's booth at the sky garden