We're Zhongde Ren|Hong Lei: One year early admission to the University of Sydney

"Anything can be defined as a brand, including Honglei."Hong Lei sincerely tells about his own brand introduction, "My brand Logo is a combination of the letters HL, the smiley face represents positivity when things go wrong, my Solgan is 'always on the road', and the brand mission is to leave no shortcomings and toThe brand concept of 'all-round breakthrough' is carried through to study and life."Planning ahead and building up has always been the principle of Hong Lei throughout the road to achieve his dream.

Honglei's LOGO

Today's "We're Sino-German" interview is with 20-year advertising student from the Sino-German Branding Department.Hong LeiAt level 20, he hasEarly graduate offer from the University of Sydney. He has applied the branding theory knowledge he learned in the academic department to his self-planning and growth. Looking back at his past learning experience, Hong Lei isCompetition, group work, class work, achievementsAll have their own unique set of methodologies.

Hong Lei received the Offer

"It's important to feel, to be fully engaged."Hong Lei recalled that when he first entered the campus, he actively participated in the volunteer activities organized by the university for new students, and he thought at the time thatHands-on experience is necessary to adapt to the environmentIt was through the various activities organized by YAF that Hong Lei gained experience, which laid a solid foundation for him to become the executive chairman and be responsible for the planning and execution of activities throughout the semester.

During the summer social practice of English classes in Sino-German special walking, Hong Lei through outdoor"Walk" opens eyes, "English class" improves English skillsBy combining the two, he teaches international English communication skills, spreads safe and positive cultural knowledge, tells history and culture, and promotes the red spirit. While improving cultural literacy and English skills, he also contributes to caring for the mental health of migrant workers' children and "left-behind children" and enriching their after-school life.We promote the spirit of volunteerism and fully fulfill our sense of social responsibility as young people.

Personal ExperienceSino-German College of Design and Communication Student Union11/2022-present Executive Chairman of the Student Council of the Sino-German School of Design and Communication09/2021-9/2021   Vice President of Youth Volunteer Association
Zhejiang Wanli College Clubs2022 - Present   Verse Club President
Zhejiang Wanli College Sino-German College of Design and Communication AdvertisingClass 202(203)09/2020-present   Team Leader

Individual Awards

National levelIn November 2021, the "English Team" was awarded the "'Please rest assured that the party is strong and the country has me' 2021 National University Students' Thousands of Schools and Thousands of Projects Team Style Award".
_The project "Visual Communication and Marketing in VR Technology" was awarded in June 2021."Provincial project of "New Talent Program;;
_In June 2021, the project "Research on the Current Situation, Trends and Prospects of VR Development in the Advertising Field" was awarded"Provincial project of "National Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition;;
ProvinceLevelNovember 2021 received the Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship;
_In January 2022, the project "Construction of a 'whole chain' training system for international innovation and entrepreneurship talents under the threshold of 'One Belt, One Road'" was awardedProvincial project of "New Talent Program";
_Received a scholarship from the Zhejiang government in November 2022;

Awarded in November 2021Excellent Team of Ningbo University Students "Double Hundred and Double Into" Summer Social Practice;;
_May 2021Excellent practical activities were included in the "Youth Piloting and Asking for the First Heart - A Collection of Interviews with Party Members for the 100th Anniversary of the Party
May 2021
Excellent practical activities were included in the "Youth Piloting and Asking for the First Heart - A Collection of Interviews with Party Members for the 100th Anniversary of the Party

In July 2021, the work "Learn Party History, Know the Source; Understand Changes, Understand the Future" wonThe first prize of "Challenge Cup" Extra-curricular Academic Science and Technology Works of College Students in the "Challenge Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of College Students

Second Class Scholarship" for the academic year 2020-2021
"Star of Practice" for the academic year 2020-2021Awarded "Outstanding Member of the University" for the academic year 2020-2021"Outstanding group worker" for the academic year 2020-2022"Outstanding Youth League Member" for the academic year 2020-2022"Third best student of the university" in 2020-2022 academic yearFirst Class Scholarship" for the academic year 2021-20222021-2022 academic year, "the school advanced individual"Top Ten Students for the academic year 2021-2022"Star of Innovation" for the academic year 2021-20222021-2022 "Outstanding Student Leader of the University"2021-2022 "Outstanding Youth League Officers"2021-2022 academic year, "Outstanding group worker"

"Yourself is the brand"

Hong Lei inStudy, competition, group and class managementHe has excelled in several areas, including He is known for his outstandingCreative and practical skillsHe has stood out in various competitions, showing his versatility to blossom. Meanwhile, theHe has also been actively involved in group activities and has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills by serving as class president.. As President of the Youth Volunteer Association he leads the management of activities of all departments, focuses on advancing the priorities of the association, works with management to set annual goals and operate within budget, collaborates with other student associations, creates cooperative projects related to special groups, maintains partnerships with several outside organizations, communicates about activities and develops cooperative programs.

Hong Lei's speech

In addition to balancing his various identities on campus, during his extracurricular life Hong Lei alsoActive membership in clubsIn the Verse community, we divide the design, copywriting and marketing departments to take charge of different tasks, maintain cooperative relationships with internal and external partners, understand the needs and develop overall strategies.Strengthen the club by holding activities such as lecture and recruitment, andContinuously accept all kinds of advertising creative, planning, copywriting and operation entity projects from inside and outside the universityThe company will lead the club members to gain practical training experience.

Sino-German volunteers assisted the inauguration of the China Daily Ningbo Reader's Club and the first Fan Festival

"Yourself is the brand." Hong Lei believes thatTo reach your goal of success, you must build yourself as a brand, "just like the profession we studied, loading ourselves around branding thinking." He gradually realized thatInterests and practical experienceThe importance of both is always balanced when choosing a course of study. He understands that understanding the broader context of digital acceleration across the advertising industry and the needs of individual institutions is critical to success. He not onlyFocusing on their professional abilities, they also strive to break the information blockage and actively acquire various resources and information to pave the way for their development.

The Sino-German Branding Department's systematic, international and branded teaching arrangements and external teaching mode focus on exercising students' innovative and practical skills. InThinkingThey are guided to learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives and gradually discover the essence of design. InPracticeThrough a variety ofInter-professional practical project cooperation with real employment environmentHonglei has accumulated trial and error and practical experience, and his professional and practical design skills continue to grow. When he did his preparation for further studiesStudy Brand Design Professionalprepared byYour own "portfolio". He is active in understanding the needs and goals of each institution so that his efforts can have double the effect.

Hong Lei had a goal when he entered college - to enrich his college life in activities. His experience in the organization made his life more enriching, his eyes more open, his body and mind grew, and seeing better students made him more clear about his goal. The following are some of Hong Lei's suggestions for students to identify their current situation and develop their directionExperience and recommendations.

1.Early planning for early planningThe best thing to do is to determine whether you want to go to graduate school, apply for graduate school, or take a public exam or get a job during your freshman or sophomore year, and the planning is different for each choice.

2. Whichever target you choose, inParticipate in as many programs and competitions as possible during the first half of your freshman, sophomore and junior years, inIn the second and fourth years of college, you need to focus mainly on applying for graduate school, examinations, public examinations, employment and study..

Some suggestions for research applications:

1. Keep an eye on each school'sApplication opening hours.

2. InAccumulate enough honors, internships, and maintain a GPA during your freshman and sophomore years.

3. Application for research is importantThe usual little by little accumulationThe only way to achieve qualitative change is to seize the quantitative change.

Spend time and experience on experiences that can produce, and not allow yourself to slack off. This is what Hong Lei has been asking of himself.Finding the right direction for yourself is the key to enhancing your personal brand. By studying hard, participating actively in practical projects and competitions, and demonstrating excellence in different fields, we can shape our brand image. At the same timeUnderstand industry trends, pay attention to employment needs, and make an informed choice based on your interests and abilitiesThe company's goal is to provide more opportunities and success in the workplace.