Sino-German School of Design and Communication conducts simulated assessment of undergraduate education level

Recently, theThe Academic Affairs Department of the University organized a panel of external experts to carry out a mock assessment of undergraduate teaching in Sino-German College of Design and Communication.The purpose of this assessment is to examine the effectiveness and deficiencies of the college in all aspects of undergraduate education and to optimize the weaknesses. The purpose of this assessment is to review the effectiveness and shortcomings of the College in the field of undergraduate education in all aspects, and then optimize the weaknesses in order to prepare for the upcoming assessment of undergraduate education and teaching standards of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

At the evaluation meeting, Zhang Yiping, Dean of Sino-German College of Design and Communication, reported to the expert group and university leaders from four aspects, namely, college overview and talent cultivation orientation, party building, ideological and political cultivation system construction, teaching quality assurance and cultural construction, as well as talent cultivation initiatives and achievements and effectiveness, and emphasized the college'sThe construction idea of "brand leading, Sino-German fusion, dual education", "art + business + media" special brand professional well asCultivating internationalized and applied brand building talentsThe goal of the

In the specific assessment session, the expert group conducted a comprehensive and detailed review of the College's classroom teaching and teaching documents, as well as in-depth classroom observation. In the seminar for teachers and students, the experts also had in-depth exchanges with teachers and students in order to understand the teaching methods and the construction of the teaching team of the college.

After a series of rigorous evaluations, the group of experts recognized the College's educational and teaching work.They considered that the clear positioning of talent cultivation and distinctive features of the Sino-German Institute, as well as the high importance and continuous attention to the quality of teaching and learning in the process of running the school, were commendable.They suggested that the college should focus on the accumulation and summarization of schooling experience in the process of schooling and contribute to the construction of national higher education disciplines and specialties.

This evaluation is not only a comprehensive test of the college's teaching and educating work, but also an important guideline for the future development direction of the college. Sino-German College will listen carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the expert group, continuously improve the teaching system and the quality of teaching, and work hard to cultivate more brand-building talents with cross-cultural communication ability.