The International College Student Party Branch organized to watch the movie "My Father and I

The third film of the National Day Trilogy, "My Fathers and I", was watched in the theater. The film consists of four units: "Ride the Wind", "Poem", "Duck Prophet" and "Youth Walk", taking the revolution, construction, reform and opening up and the new era as historical coordinates, depicting the struggles of several generations of fathers through the perspective of "family and country", telling the story of Chinese bloodline and spiritual heritage, and recreating the memories of the times of Chinese people's hard work.

The stories in each of the four units have their own characteristics. "Ride the Wind" and "Poem" make people respect the forefathers who still persist in their faith in difficult times; "Duck Prophet" and "Youth Walk" make people laugh with tears and provoke thoughts.

Yang Changxun, a reserve party member, said, "The four stories of the movie, from "Ride the Wind" to "Poem", what we witness is from nothing to something, a miracle created by the efforts of generations. From "Duck Prophet" to "Youth Walk", what we witness is the change and the bright expectation for the future."

Party activist Huang Jing Han said, "The movie tells the story from the war to the prosperity of science and technology, which visually shows the development of China and makes me deeply appreciate the great contribution made by each generation of Chinese people to the communist cause."

Party activist Jin Yijia said, "I was impressed by Duck Prophet, I am an advertising major, and it turns out that advertising can really change our lives, which makes me more determined to study my professional knowledge and fight for the happy life of the people."

The film shows the important role of Chinese communists in different periods of national development by contrasting the small family and the big country. During the anti-Japanese war stage, Chinese communists actively fought against the war, insisted on establishing a broad united front, and led the nation to a hard victory in the protracted war; during the initial stage of the space industry, countless Party scientists buried their names, developed flying machines in the desert yellow sand, and sacrificed their lives for the development of the new Chinese space industry; during the reform and opening-up stage, communists with the spirit of innovation In the stage of reform and opening up, the Communists with the spirit of innovation "crossed the river by touching the stones", constantly exploring and creating, providing new and fruitful methods for the economic development of the new China; nowadays, in the stage of science and technology, the flourishing development of artificial intelligence, computers and other high-tech fields relies on the hard work of thousands of practitioners regardless of day and night.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party, China has fully built a moderately prosperous society and achieved its first 100-year goal. In the new crown epidemic, the majority of Party members stepped forward and rose to the occasion, profoundly explaining what it means to be a Party member in the new era. With the joint efforts of the whole nation, the country resumed normal production operations and prepared for the realization of the next five-year plan.

Despite the momentum of China's development today, the country's future development is full of challenges due to internal separatist forces and external Western countries.

Therefore, as young students, we should remember history, inherit the spirit of our forefathers, learn professional knowledge, do our job well, be good at helping others in life, and keep leaning towards the Party ideologically, so as to contribute our strength to the development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics!