We're Chinese-German|Xinjing Zhang:Solid steps, both in China and abroad

"Everyone has a direction of growth that suits them, and being able to do well for yourself is the best. Xinjing, like most of us, is not necessarily the 'elite' of that 5%, but every ordinary us, with a calm mind and down-to-earth efforts, can also achieve small ideals at every stage of life." Class teacher Mr. Gao Siyu commented so when speaking about Zhang Xinjing.

Ups and downs, ups and downs are not often the necessary journey to success. SheOne step, one footprintThe company has been able to move up the ladder of its dreams with ease.

The main character of this "We're Sino-German" interview is from the Sino-German School of Design and CommunicationZhang Xinjing from Year 19 in Exhibition Economics and Management (Sino-German 2+2).

Exhibition Economics and Management (2+2 Sino-German Dual Degree) Class of '19 Zhang Xinjing

Up to now, Zhang Xinjing has received a lot of information fromUniversity of Manchester(The University of Manchester), theUniversity of Southampton(University of Southampton), theUniversity of Glasgow(University of Glasgow) three QS top 100 world ranked schools offer.

Zhang Xinjing received the Offer

Zhang Xinjing looks back on her previous university life, and the best way to sum up that time is to have her feet on the ground and enjoy it. In her opinion, the 2+2 model of Sino-German College allowed her to learn professional knowledge, but also to learn the language and go abroad. Compared to the semi-military high school life that Zhang Xinjing recalls, this college life is like a new world, free and active. She has an air of youth and exploration, and her life becomes organized and full of hope and fun under her planning.

"It's a great feeling to be able to draw on knowledge freely and abundantly."She exclaimed.


Determined and fully committed to the goal

The dream began when Zhang Xinjing first entered campus. "When I first entered school in my freshman year, it was clear to me that I had to go abroad. In order to get my IELTS before my sophomore year, I focused entirely on IELTS, and in addition to completing the listening, reading, writing and listening assignments assigned by my teachers, I would also give myself extra volume. The IELTS teachers at CTE have a background in studying abroad and have a unique and interesting teaching style, so I enjoyed it and didn't feel tired at all."Clear about her goal, Zhang Xinjing took every step in a steady and methodical mannerMy sophomore year has exposed me to more knowledge and outside classes. The college's professional courses are very practice-oriented and will introduce interdisciplinary and cross-departmental interfaces that you will encounter in the real workplace into the classroom. This is a new challenge, and I understand that working hardMaintaining course performance points will give you more options in the future."

The class that impressed Zhang Xinjing the most was the sophomore classBrand Design Basics(Brand Design Basics). The course was taught by three German teachers, Hendrik Möller, Stefan Waller and Benjamin Vogt, who are experienced in the field of design. In addition to brand design theory, Zhang also learned how to communicate with the design department from the perspective of a brand manager. For example, she said, "The Emotion Edition is a tool that visually tells the viewer and the designer about the brand positioning, the main style, and the color palette. Our professional direction is brand management.A lot of attention must be paid to visual presentation in the work, as it is the most important aspect of brand presentation.The Emotion Edition helps us to innovate ideas based on some of the theorized knowledge points related to branding."

Zhang Xinjing acted as team leader in the cultural exchange activities between China, Japan and Korea

During a subsequent club elective, the assignment coincided with the need to complete an important part of brand presentation - logo design. "I suddenly felt that learning was the wayLoop by loopThe knowledge and skills learned in the early stages can be used in the subsequent stages, which isLearn to apply." Zhang Xinjing exclaimed.

During her junior and senior years, Zhang Xinjing went to the Brand University of Applied Sciences in Germany and participated in the 2+2 German segment. The style of the German teachers was different from that of the domestic teachers, but both benefited her greatly. "Foreign professors teachHigh dispersionThe language shift in our thinking sometimes failed to keep up with the pace, which was a common problem for us when we first arrived. However, thanks to the first two years of foreign language courses in China with the assistance of teaching assistants, we quickly adapted to the situation.Think directly in English and feel comfortable answering questions."

In Zhang Xinjing's view, the Sino-German Institute ofThe 2+2 education model is the key to developing intercultural competence. "In these two years in Germany, myLanguage and professional skills have been greatly enhancedThis provided me with a strong guarantee of grades for my graduate applications. With the industry-leading disciplinary background of Germany's branded universities of applied sciences, I was able to apply to higher and better ranked schools."


Explore more, broaden your horizons

While in Germany, Zhang Xinjing felt that she was thinking more deeply.Curiosity about the worldIt also becomes stronger.

"In Europe we can apply for a Schengen visa, with which we can travel to 26 Schengen countries. My classmates and I will travel around after our hard study." During the holidays, Zhang Xinjing would travel to enrich her knowledge, broaden her horizons and add to her life experience. During her two years in Germany, Zhang Xinjing has traveled to Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and many other countries to experience different cultures and customs.The collision of multiple cultures has enabled her to understand tolerance and respect, and the perception of exoticism has enhanced her aesthetic ability.

Zhang Xinjing's journey began in Germany. "On our first New Year's holiday, my friends and I took the opportunity to wander around all of Germany's famous cities: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Heidelberg and Berlin ......" She clearly remembers the sense of solemnity revealed by the huge Gothic architecture when facing Cologne Cathedral. "I felt excited by the feeling that the pictures in my high school history books suddenly became immersive scenes."

The sea train in Denmark, the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, the town of Grindelwald in Switzerland ...... all these beauties make Zhang Xinjing truly feel thatTravel is a great way to broaden your life.

A short trip is to focus more on the next part of the journey, Zhang Xinjing has a unique perspective on balancing school and life. "I will keep the two aspects as separate as possible." She explains. As the semester progresses, Zhang Xinjing runs between school and the dormitory to focus on academics and campus life. She is active in class, completing tasks assigned by her professors and enriching her knowledge through reading outside of class. Although the days of focused study are somewhat monotonous, the satisfaction of gaining knowledge and the hope of going far away will make her whole body full of motivation, full of efficiency, and more energetic in independent study.