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He is the recipient of the National Scholarship for the academic year 2021-2022 of the Sino-German Institute;

A cumulative total of 28 awards at all levels, including national and provincial, that he received during his four years at university;

He has traveled to countless volunteer activities and has volunteered a total of 224 hours of service;

He is the Deputy Secretary of the General Branch of the Sino-German College, the Executive Chairman of the Student Union, the Head of the Organization Department and the Head of the Academic Activity Center ......

He organizes his study and life wisely, keeps learning from the outstanding students, and strives to become what he wants to grow into.

He, today, isWe're Chinese and GermanThe master of the series, fromChen Ke of Class 191, Exhibition Economics and Management, Sino-German School of Design and Communication.

So far, Chen Ke has received a lot of support fromUniversity of Southampton, UK, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, Hong Kong University of EducationAfter graduation, he will choose to pursue further studies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo to continue to improve himself.

Summing up his growth over the past four years, Chen Ke said, "As I chased after the moon, I found that I slowly became brighter as well."

Chen Ke gave a speech at the National Scholarship recipient style showcase event

"LowHead in a hurry, and respect the service as a ritual"

Keep your head down and hurry up, and honor your work as if it were a ritual.This is the motto of Chen Ke's life, and it is also the practice that he has insisted on for a long time.

Like many college students, Chen Ke was not able to adapt to the independent thinking atmosphere of college very quickly, and was still accustomed to completing the tasks assigned in class, so his GPA at the end of freshman year was not very impressive.

When he was caught in an infinite confusion about his future, Chen Ke saw the excellent students around him. He asked them for advice and formed a study group together. At the beginning, they went to the library together and worked together to complete group assignments, and later they participated in various competitions together and tackled difficult problems in projects together.He found himself shining brighter and brighter as he chased after great partners.

Group photo of "Brand Management" of MICE 191 class at the end of the course

The open, application-oriented international curriculum of the Sino-German Institute has also gradually opened up Chen Ke's learning "pattern".The Sino-German Institute's curriculum focuses on the integration of industry and education, and various realistic and practical projects are integrated into the professional classroom, where students are required to complete market research and give practical solutions within a limited time. Classroom lectures are a regular part of their lives, and in the midst of this series of exercises, Chen Ke feels that his thinking perspective has becomeIncreasing DiversityI have become more and more comfortable with presenting in different situations.

In the interview, Chen Ke specifically mentioned the "Fundamentals of Brand Design" taught by Hendrik Möller, Stefan Waller and Benjamin Vogt in the first semester of their sophomore year. At that time, they had not been exposed to many professional classes, and the teachers assigned a group work in the class thatEach group was asked to create a brand, which entailed a series of brand creation processes such as designing a brand logo, product promotion, etc.This assignment is done throughout the learning process, and the course content is not on paper, but allows the students to immediately put into practice what they have learned while they are learning. TheyBecome a brand creator and think about how to build a good brand from all aspectsAt the end of the year, they are required to dress up in formal attire and participate in a "road show" to present and market their brands. At the end of the year, they are asked to dress up in formal attire, play the role of a brand, and participate in a "road show" to introduce and market their brand.

There were many practices like this, and by their senior year, they had even more opportunities to team up with fellow visual communication and advertising majors in the course "Translating Interdisciplinary Branding Practices,Development of brand strategy and marketing campaign for Hape Group's sub-brand Käthe Kruse in the Chinese marketHe has been working on real-life problems and collaborative projects. He has been trying to apply all the knowledge he has learnt in the past three years at the Sino-German Institute and has been working with other students across disciplines to solve various problems.

"When you want to succeed or say get better, you canMove closer to the good people around you, in the process of learning from them, slowly find their own goals in the pursuit of loveCatch up and don't get caught up in other temptations." Just like his life motto, he kept his head down and rushed to respect his work.

Group work, enrichment of self

To sail far, we need to set the sail of mission.In the student work, Chen Ke has served as the deputy secretary of the General Branch of the Sino-German College, the executive chairman of the Student Union, the head of the Organization Department, the head of the Academic Activity Center, the building manager of Building 41, and the class president and group secretary.

During his tenure as the Vice President of the league and the Executive Chairman of the Student Council, he effectively promoted the construction of various league branches and campus activities in the college.Organized 62 student activities, and led the Youth League Branch to win the "May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch" and the Student Union to win the "Excellent Student Union".During his four years of service to the class, Chen Ke led the Sino-German Exhibition 191 class to win the May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch of the school and the Advanced Collective Award of the school.

Chen Ke took a group photo with the teachers and students of Sino-German Group

In high school, Chen Ke was involved in student government organizations, so he was very confident in himself at the beginning. But when he really started to deal with the related issues, he found that his ability was still lacking and his mentality was not mature enough. Even the most basic organizing of documents is not that simple, and may require sorting and checking. The first time he handled the preparatory work for the dual-generation meeting, Chen Ke was responsible for writing the materials for the meeting. Since he was a novice, and his writing skills were not particularly good, it took him more than a month to complete the material.

Through the careful teaching of instructors and the refinement of diverse student work, Chen Ke's ability has been gradually improved, and his mentality has become calm and steady, and he has become a "senior" and "student work leader" trusted by his younger students.Foreign institutions focus on the all-round development of students' abilities, and his rich experience in group studies made Chen Ke calm in the interview and gave the interviewer a more three-dimensional impression of him, which helped him to get the offer successfully.

Chen Ke spoke at the bi-generational meeting

All-round development, sail away

Not only does Chen Ke shine in her academic performance, but her life outside of school is also colorful.

He is a member of the college's basketball team, he has hosted the college's commendation meeting, he likes to sing, and he likes to work out. Such a colorful life comes from his reasonable arrangement of his study and recreational life and effective use of time.

Chen Ke presided over the college recognition party screen
Chen Ke is playing a basketball game

Everyone has times when they don't want to study. Chen Ke told us that he would walk to the balcony when he was tired of learning.Take a deep breath, adjust your mindset and get back into your studies, it will make you get twice as much work done. After completing a busy period of study or work, he will give himself a break to do what he wants to do.

In order to sail away, we need to set up the flagpole of comprehensive development. Chen Ke has always believed thatIn addition to studying and working, university should have a life of its own.

He would like to say to the undergraduates thatEven if you are very busy, you should not lose the pursuit of life.For example, when he is busy with his studies and work, he still keeps his hobbies of playing football, running and singing. To maintain an efficient and rhythmic work and life, we must ensure that we have plenty of energy, that is, to achieve a balance between work and rest.