We're Sino-German | Ruo Yang Xu: The "Hexagonal Warrior" that blossoms everywhere

"If you ask me what the reason is for my tireless efforts over these four years, the answer isContinuous love and stage achievementAlthough the current situation brings many challenges for future employment in advertising, I still have a passion for the creative industry. Although the current situation brings many challenges for future employment in advertising, I still have a passion for the creative industry, and it is becauseThese challenges have strengthened my determination to go on to higher education." When asked about his four years of study in college, Xu Ruoyang said, "Whether in the classroom or in the real world, theThe internal drive is always the driving force of my continuous output."

Today's "We're Chinese-German" interview is with a man fromXu Ruoyang, 19, Advertising, Sino-German School of Design and Communication.

Ruo Yang Xu, C.G.C. Advertising, Class of '19

Up to now, Xu Ruoyang has received a total of 4,000,000 RMB fromThe University of Sydney, The University of Southampton, The University of LeedsOffers from three QS top 100 world-ranked universities.

Ruo Yang Xu received the Offer

For Ruyang Xu, her four-year undergraduate life is a continuous study and practice to enrich her exploration, a trial and error to make up for her shortcomings, and a period of growth to pursue her dreams and generate electricity for love. Her college life is filled with a kind of youthful boldness and rationality of discipline and discipline, and her future life has also set a course.

"I may look back on my present self many years from now and feel naive, but it's still important to set a goal early on and think of that goal as the sun and yourself as a sunflower." She exclaims.

To be a "hexagonal warrior"

Looking through her resume and portfolio, it's easy to see that Xu Ruoyang's college life was "blossoming". She was motivated to become an eclecticEnglish proficiency, professional studies, various competitions, campus experience, practical projects, internship and practical trainingThe "Hexagonal Warrior".

"I learned early on that it is not enough to have good ideas and insights; only by expressing these ideas correctly and skillfully in words can I infect and convince others." So since the beginning of her freshman year, Xu Ruoyang has been putting in all her efforts to improveEnglish Proficiency and Presentation SkillsI still remember when I was asked to answer a question in my freshman class by my speaking teacher, Gail, I was so nervous that I stammered, but now I canBe able to communicate fluently with foreign professors and clientsI think it's worth it. The process of getting this change was really hard, but I think it was worth it. The exercises I received at the Sino-German Institute not only gave me the opportunity to express myself courageously, but also made me positive and cheerful. With my good language skills, I have also been able to apply to foreign universities in depthInvolvement in the writing of CVs and motivation lettersGoing in, it gives me more initiative."

Ruo Yang Xu (second from left) represents the team in the interdisciplinary project presentation

Xu Ruoyang's favorite seat in the classroom isFirst row of the classroom. "I was originally a person whose attention was easily distracted. I knew that if I sat in the back row, I would not be able to concentrate on the class. So to push myself I thought of a stupid way, I chose not to wear glasses in class, so I had to sit in the first row." Xu Ruo Yang laughs, "Later I fell in love with the feeling of sitting in the first row. Because I was able toGive feedback to teachers in a timely manner, and have more opportunities to communicate with foreign teachers."

In addition to the courses of this major, Xu Ruoyang is also keen to "dabble" in other majors. "I often go to the visual communication design class to dabble. At first, I was a little bit uncomfortable, but the teachers and classmates of Visual CommunicationVery inclusiveAnd even sometimes I would have the opportunity to participate in their classes. Later I would alsoApply some of the concepts and skills learned in the Visual Communication class to our professionI was able to exercise myInterdisciplinary competenceIt adds a lot of color to my work."

During her four years at university, Ruo Yang Xu also participated in many competitions, including subject competitions, language competitions and entrepreneurship competitions. Through unremitting efforts, she has collaborated with other students from China and Germany, and won many awards, such as Bronze Award of OneShow Chinese Youth Creativity Award Greater China, Silver Award of International Environmental Protection Public Welfare Design Competition, Bronze Award of Hong Kong Contemporary Design Award Mainland China Student Group, Finalist of CGDA Graphic Design Academy Award, Finalist of CEAPVA Asia-Pacific Visual Art Exchange Exhibition, Second Prize of Zhejiang University Student She was awarded the second prize in the Zhejiang University Multimedia Design Competition, the third prize in the 2021 "Challenge Cup" Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition for College Students, and the third prize in the 2021 "Smart Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students. She personally won the Special Prize of the school in the English Writing Competition of WRS-GuoCai Cup and the First Prize of the school in the English Reading Competition of WRS-GuoCai Cup.

Her rich campus experience also adds to Xu Ruoyang's resume: she worked as a teaching assistant for IELTS speaking and writing, helping students to improve their language skills; she also worked as a teaching liaison for the college, helping students, teachers and the college to communicate smoothly. "The most memorable part was the two years I worked in the news department of the Brand Center (formerly the All Media Center). Not only did my copywriting skills increase dramatically, but I also learned how to lead and manage an organization, and gained a deeper understanding of the concept of 'branding'."

Some of Ruo Yang Xu's appointment letters

In addition to theoretical knowledge learning, real-world projects are also the key to enhance competitiveness. For four years in college, Ruyang Xu always insisted on the habit of doing a few projects every semester to practice. "The real-world projects on campus are very good opportunities for trial and error, I can boldly do something very new, and every experience accumulation adds a bottom for me."

What Xu Ruoyang remembers vividly is a course in the first semester of her junior yearStrategic Planning in Brand Communication (Strategic Planning in Brand Communication). Foreign teacher Hendrik MöllerIntroduced the German brand Undone non-alcoholic spirits into the classroom and invited students to design a proposal for the brand to enter the Chinese market. "The highlight of the class was that the project was completely real, and it was the first time we used what we learned to systematically make a complete solution. We did a lot of research and creativity, and the professor was very pleased with the work we presented. In my opinion, this class brought meA milestone leap from student thinking to workplace thinking."

Xu Ruyang also prepared for her future career: excluding her freshman year, when she specialized in languages, she spent the rest of her three years looking forProfessional Matching PositionInternship. She has now had internship experience in advertising agencies, media groups, and A-side companies. Although she is new to the job market, she can already operate the business skillfully. "The feeling of being able to use the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom is really amazing!" Xu Ruoyang said gratefully.

The internship certificate submitted by Ruo Yang Xu when applying to foreign universities

Reasons to firmly choose SGI

"After learning about the curriculum of Sino-German Advertising, I was secretly happy that I did not choose the wrong major. The first type of course 'Fundamentals of Brand Communication' introduced the basic brand theory and promoted the formation of our brand thinking; the second type of course 'Brand Communication Enhancement' enriched our brand knowledge base and deepened our understanding of the subject; the third type of course Communication Design Fusion' is a course with a strong sense of immediate achievement, which cultivates our ability to visualize concepts and paves the way for later branding practice; the fourth course 'Brand Communication Practice' is a means to apply theoretical knowledge and conceptualization to real The fourth course 'Brand Communication Practice' is the application of theoretical knowledge and concepts to real competitions and projects. The fifth course, 'Theory and Practice', aims to equip us with basic academic skills to prepare us for higher level studies." Ruo Yang Xu believes that the curriculum at C.D.C. is set up in aLogical, step-by-step and interlocking with students' personal growthShe has also grown up step by step with the support of the college.

The curriculum of the 2+2 program in Advertising at Chinese-German College

The college's advanced and rich educational resources also allow Xu Ruoyang's thinking and vision to be further expanded: the international educational environment allows her to communicate across cultures like a fish in water,"Semi-vocational"The teaching style simulates future work scenarios so that she can understand the operation mode of the industry earlier, and the competent, tolerant and friendly teachers provide reference and guidance for her confused further education and career path. "All these will be the bottom line for me to improve my education and join the workplace."

Nearing graduation, Ruo Yang Xu would like to share some tips for improving oneself with the younger students:

      Be sure toLearn to "express"The word "expression" is not only about speaking. "Expression" is not only about speaking, but also about PPT layout, presentation skills, copywriting skills, design considerations, debate clarity, and ease of communication with foreign teachers ......

      Participate in more language and entrepreneurship competitions in your freshman and sophomore years.Wait until your junior and senior year to gain experience and then focus on academic competitions.. Be sure to try to make one during the holidaysProfessional-related internshipsThis will speed up the speed at which you see yourself.

      Advertisers should also have a portfolio of their work. It is a good idea to compile a portfolio of your course assignments, project results, competition entries, etc., accumulated over the past four years.You will thank yourself when the opportunity comes.

      Most importantly, insistBe YourselfBe an interesting human being who is as creative as a spring, be a twisted guy who can't identify himself with the objectification, be aThe first cause of driving force originates from oneselfThe stubborn child.