Student Party Conference of the Sino-German Branding Department in the second half of 2023

On December 6, 2023, the Student Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department held the general election of the Committee of the Student Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department and the General Meeting of the Party Members' Transition in the Second Half of 2023 in the conference room 3216. This meeting should be present 27 members of the party, should be present with the right to vote 7, the actual presence of 25 members of the party, the actual presence of 7 members with the right to vote. At the meeting, the party branch secretary Li Danwei on behalf of the current branch to the General Assembly made a work report. Participating party members in strict accordance with the requirements of the election process, through the differential election and secret ballot, the election of the new branch committee members.

In the second item of the meeting, seven reserve party members read out their applications for transfer in turn. After the preparatory party members finished their reports, after soliciting the opinions of the masses inside and outside the party, and the opinions of the party members attending the meeting, the General Assembly, according to the report of the object to be corrected, personal situation and other aspects of the discussion, and finally voted on the conversion of six preparatory party members to become full party members.

At the end of the meeting, Huang Heqing, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch of the Sino-German Branding Department, raised six hopes to the party members who were regularized today and all the party members present, that is, in thought, always keep advanced; in action, always keep active; in quality, always keep pure; in life, always be a devotee; to be a wise, courageous, and strong person in life; to never lose heart, to strive for first place and to be excellent, and to have a noble sense of collective honor.
Secretary Huanghe Qing asked all party members to be the best in study, backbone in work, role model in activities, show their talents in arts and culture, and compete in sports, so that the students can take you as a model, work hard together, and create a better tomorrow for Sino-German Brand School.