The Theoretical Study Center Group of the General Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department held a meeting to study the important contents of General Secretary Xi Jinping's concept of national security.

On December 21, 2023, the General Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department held a theoretical central group study meeting. The study centered on the concept of national security, led by Gao Di, General Committee of the Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department, and attended by a total of five members of the General Branch.

General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion of national security is the Party's profound thinking and scientific guidance on safeguarding national security and ensuring that people live and work in peace and contentment. In the report of the 20th Party Congress, it was pointed out that the overall concept of national security must be implemented unswervingly, and that the safeguarding of national security must be carried out in all aspects of the work of the Party and the country throughout the entire process. General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that national security is the important task of settling the country. National security is an important cornerstone for settling the country, and safeguarding national security is in the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. General Secretary Xi Jinping's content on adhering to the concept of national security should be based on people's security as the purpose, political security as the foundation, economic security as the basis, military, scientific, technological, cultural and social security as the guarantee, and the promotion of international security as the basis, so as to strengthen the grassroots foundation of national security and social stability, so as to guarantee the new pattern of development with a new security pattern. National security is the foundation of people's happiness, and national security is the top priority facing our Party and country, and a fundamental guarantee for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the current international situation is complex and volatile, globalization and unilateralism intertwined background, domestic reform and development of Ondine face a lot of deep-rooted contradictions, the party's clean government and the fight against corruption also face a lot of stubbornness, in the domestic and foreign influence of national security work is facing new challenges and opportunities. At the same time, the General Secretary clearly emphasized that national security is a great responsibility, there can not be the slightest slack, party cadres as the party and the country's backbone, but also to have a higher political standpoint and responsibility to bear, effectively strengthen the national security awareness, the concept of national security into the ideological consciousness, the guide to action, and constantly improve the level of competence of national security work. Contemporary students and young people should also study the concept of national security, and insist on always putting the concept of national security in the first place.

Through this study, the members of the center group talked about the learning experience and experience around the national security concept, combined with the school department and their own actual situation. Comrade Li Danwei proposed to integrate patriotism education into the beginning of education and professional courses, in education to strengthen the students' concept of national honor and shame, to let students firmly defend the national interests from the heart. Comrade Luo Jun talked about the important speeches of the General Secretary and national security regulations for in-depth study, but also to promote our academic department party members comrades to effectively fulfill the responsibility of maintaining national security is an important opportunity. Only by ensuring national security can we provide a stable and sustainable development environment for our people. Zhang Yiping, Secretary of the General Party Branch, concluded that the Sino-German Branding Department should provide solid cultural and ideological support for national security with a more open mind and deeper understanding in the field of design and communication. Not only that, in education, we should strengthen our responsibility, enhance the construction of the discipline, improve the ideological and political awareness of teachers and students, and contribute our wisdom and strength to the cause of national security. In general, as party members, teachers should all lead by example, and should make greater contributions to the maintenance of national security and the promotion of people's happiness with a more solid working style.