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Course Introduction

Strategic Planning in Brand Communication is a mandatory course for juniors majoring in advertising in the Sino-German Branding Department.The course is taught by Kira Müller. The course combines current hotspots and theories to practically expand the depth and breadth of brand communication theories; it combines theories with practice and industry cases to guide students to study, think and apply theories related to brand communication in depth, so as to prepare them for their subsequent careers.

Mentor Introduction

Kira MüllerKira is an MBA, executive management consultant, and faculty member at the German University of Branding and Applied Sciences with a strong background in marketing and business management. With experience in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Asia, Kira applies her business expertise to the education of individuals and groups in intercultural communication and related problem solving. She is a member of the European Association for Intercultural Education and Training (EAIET) and has been a long-time guest lecturer at major business schools in Europe and Asia.

Course structure

The first half of the course focuses on the students' basic theoretical knowledge. Ms. Kira Müller introduces the key theories and research in brand communication with humor and vivid language, and combines them with numerous examples to help students fully understandThe importance and necessity of brand communication strategyThis provides a good foundation for subsequent hands-on strategic brand communication planning for students.


In the second half of the course, Ms. Kira Müller introducesUndone, the renowned international emerging non-alcoholic imitation spirits brand from Hamburg, GermanyThe students were asked to apply the theories learned in the classDeveloped a strategic brand communication plan for the brand's entry into the Chinese market.She led the students to understand the history and development of Undone brand. She led the students to understand the history and development of Undone brand, and analyzed the rationality of the emergence of sugar-free and non-alcoholic beverages in depth, starting from the mainstream trend of modern people pursuing a healthy state of life.

The students were divided into groups to conduct research on the Chinese food and beverage market, helping Undone to identify its market positioning, analyze its competitors, and then develop a localized communication plan that integrates with China's national conditions and cultural background.

Outstanding Students' Works on Display

Led by Ms. Kira Müller, the students explored relentlessly and revised repeatedly, and at the end of the term have turned inIngenious brand communication programs.

Wu Zhuoyun, Han Lufei, Chen Liuyi, Liu Yingying.

--Advertising 2+2 Specialized 211 Classes

We analyzed the market with the help of PESTEL and other tools to get a preliminary understanding of the current beverage market in China, and found that there is a gap in the non-alcoholic beverage segment in the Chinese market for the time being. Through a series of competitor analysis, we found that Undone's USP is that it has the flavor of alcohol without the alcohol. The competition in the Chinese beverage industry is fierce, and after a group discussion, we finalized a strategy to help Undone enter the Chinese market by focusing on the demographic. We identified the young people of Generation Z who are pursuing health trends as the target customer group for Undone's initial entry into the market, and utilized the 6P model to launch a series of marketing plans, such as: Undone can cooperate with music festivals as a sponsor to create awareness in China; Undone can cooperate with bars in first and second-tier cities to provide limited-time special drinks, etc. Finally."He Yi" is the Chinese name we chose for Undone as the first step of localization, taking the meaning of "comforting your wishes and drink one more"..

Lu Jinjun, Chen Cheng, Jin Nanshi, Liu Zhiyi

--Advertising 2+2 Major 212 Classes

In our brand communication strategy planning class, our group came up with a Chinese name for the Undone brand."Nothing."Undone is a symbol of two meanings. It has two meanings: first, it represents traditional Chinese Taoist thinking, which advocates consumers to relieve stress and have a mindset that goes with the flow; and second, it represents "fearlessness", which we hope Undone can bring unlimited courage to consumers. Therefore, we used the creative theme of "Wu Wei" and "Follow the Nature, Relax Your SoulThe USP of Undone is to complete the marketing strategy, which includes traditional 24-season style product design, Chinese style store setup, etc., as well as modernized elements such as MBTI event planning, bar and flash mob planning, etc. We have integrated traditional and modern elements to present Undone brand in China through the five stages of the consumer journey "Unknown-Indifferent-Like it-Love it-Beloved". By combining traditional and modern elements and presenting them through the five stages of the consumer journey "Unknown-Indifferent-Like it-Love it-Beloved", we hope to provide new ideas for the localization of the Undone brand in China.

Hu Haitao, Dong Zhijie, Yin Yutong

--Advertising 2+2 Specialized 211 Classes

After market research and analysis, we believe that Undone can target the gap in China's high-end non-alcoholic beverage market with "High-quality, reliable, healthy and diversified alternatives to alcohol" as the main selling point to provide consumers with an alcohol-flavored beverage that is both healthy and tasty. We utilized a familiar saying to Chinese consumers as the campaign name to activate traffic, promote the product and stimulate sales respectively.

Student Feedback

Han Lu Fei Advertising 2+2 Major 211 Class::

The Strategic Planning for Brand Communications course gave me insight into the importance of branding and how to develop an effective brand strategy. I recognized the critical nature of brand positioning and the important elements of brand identity and communication. The course also taught me how to evaluate and adjust brand strategies. Through this course, I believe I can better design communication marketing strategies for brands and achieve their goals in my future career.

Wu Zhuo Yun Advertising 2+2 major 211 class::

In the course of brand communication strategic planning, we not only studied the relevant theoretical knowledge under Kira's leadership, but also took "Undone non-alcoholic imitation spirits brand entering the Chinese market" as an example, deeply recognizing the importance of brand communication for enterprises and its strategic value in the market competition. Brand communication is not only a part of marketing activities, but also one of the key elements for the success of an enterprise. By building a unique and attractive brand image, a company can stand out in a competitive market, attract target audiences and increase customer loyalty. At the same time, accurate positioning and differentiation strategies are crucial. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the target market and target audience, companies can identify their unique selling points and communicate them to consumers. The importance of data should not be overlooked when developing a communication strategy. I believe that this knowledge and practical experience will have a positive impact on my future work and study life in the field of brand communication!

Chen Liuyi Advertising 2+2 Class 211::

Strategic planning for brand communication is a very interesting class. In this class, we focused on Undone (a non-alcoholic imitation spirits brand) and planned to promote it to the Chinese market. In the class, Kira taught us a lot of professional knowledge by breaking down theoretical knowledge into project practice. She would actively encourage us to express ourselves and communicate with us in real time, affirming our ideas and giving us valuable advice. In the end, we also combined what we learned and presented a complete planning program. I think this course will be very helpful for my future career.

Liu Zhiyi Advertising 2+2 major 212 class::

Brand Communication Strategic Planning is a theoretical and practical course, from brand insight research, to planning and conceptualization, to project implementation, the course improved our strategic planning and teamwork skills.Kira introduced us to many theoretical and practical business models, and she also introduced Undone, a new non-alcoholic imitation spirit brand from Germany, to our class. We made business analysis, competitive analysis, media strategy and marketing campaigns for Undone's entry into the Chinese market. The class was full of content, students' participation and enthusiasm were very high, and they could complete a complete project plan step by step during the course of the class, which greatly enhanced our self-confidence and sense of achievement in our profession.

Ling Xiaoyan Advertising 2+2 Major Class 212::

Strategic Brand Communication Planning is a course that combines design and planning skills and promotes my all-round development. As a student of advertising in the Sino-German Branding Department, we often see the words "brand" and "communication". By creating a detailed communication plan for Undone, a local German non-alcoholic imitation spirit brand, I learned how to combine market analysis and brand promotion to help a brand better promote itself on various platforms. By creating a detailed communication plan for Undone, a local German non-alcoholic imitation spirits brand, I learned how to combine market analysis and branding to help a brand better promote itself on various platforms, and Kira's professional guidance and solutions to the creative problems we faced in the classroom allowed me to learn how to apply my knowledge in the classroom and after-school practice while using my brain to think and also gained a sense of fulfillment from working with my teammates to complete a case.