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Recently, Class 21 students majoring in visual communication of the SGFB participated in theShanghai Sanlian Wu Liangcai Eyeglasses Project, a Chinese Time- Honoured BrandThe project was successfully completed and the results of the scholars' program wereChen Kang, Manager of Brand and Customer Management Center, Shanghai Sanlian (Group) Co.The affirmation.

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

SGFB is offering a mandatory course, Multiform Branding Design, for third-year Visual Communication Design students.with the purpose ofLeading the studentsExplore the diverse forms of brand design, including graphic design, packaging design, and brand strategy design.

course-basedProject-based teaching modelConducted, the students formed a project team, with theCo-lectured by Gaudi, Vice Dean of SGFB, and Haixian Ni, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Academic AffairsThe main purpose of the program is to provide guidance to the students in the classroom by inviting industry mentors to the classroom.Wu Liangcai Eyeglasses, Megaman, Longmen AquaticsA study of brand revitalization strategies of 3 long-established brands from theIP design, product packaging design, product promotion main KV series poster design, brand positioningetc. unfolded.

Gao Di, Vice Dean of SGFB
Haixian Ni, Distinguished Professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology


Program Overview

Wu Liangcai Optical Company, a subsidiary of Shanghai Sanlian (Group) Co., Ltd, was founded in the 58th year of Kangxi of Qing Dynasty (1719 AD), with more than 300 years of history, and is the founder of the national optical industry.

In this project, students were asked to design illustrations or a series of posters for Wu Liangcai's eyeglasses, as well as an emoticon based on the IP character "Master Wu".The entire design requires a clear theme, in line with the brand tone, accurately conveying the brand positioning as well as the aesthetics and preferences of contemporary young people, both interesting and creative.

offline visit

Offline Visit

For the duration of the course.Prof. Haixian NiThe students were led to pay a site visit to the Ningbo head office of Wu Liangcai Optical Company. After meeting withMr. Sha Tianbing, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Sanlian Group and his delegation, as well as in-depth conversations with store management during which the students asked a series of questions, theIt involves brand positioning, market competition, and consumer experience.Mr. Sha Tianbing, Deputy General Manager, and other leaders from the corporate side, shared with the students the model and ideas of brand development. The two sides also discussed the"How to Capture the Psychology of Young Consumers"A more in-depth discussion took place.

Project completion report

Client Presentation

Class 21 students majoring in visual communication of SGFB organized themselves into teams and actively conducted research and content creation around the branding needs of Wuliangcai Eyewear. In the post-reporting stage, each team presented their market research results and program results to the brand manager.

leave it (to sb)Pan Yue, Lei Zilu, Xu Xi, Lu Feixinconstituent"Team Jedi."put forward"Good vision."The concept of creating three unique slogans"Good company, good vision happens.", , ,"Conscientious guardianship, good eyesight always.", , ,"Fine and professional, good vision in pairs", which corresponds tojuvenile, ,Youth and old ageconsumers of three age groups and created the main visual as well as the surrounding cultural and creative products. They believe that: a good pair of glasses needs to create every step with craftsmanship, and only with a good pair of glasses can you see the world and far away places better.

leave it (to sb)Jiang Yue, Chen Qian, Jin Yangconstituent"I'm really speechless."In the early stage, they conducted an in-depth research on the eyeglasses market. They believe that: at different times, Wuliangcai has provided different glasses wearers with a wide variety of glasses and professional prescription technology. Nowadays, Wuliangcai not only wants to continue the memory of its predecessors, but also wants to be known by the contemporary emerging consumer groups. In this context, through the research of China's eyewear industry (market, competition, consumer motivation analysis), the research of popular design styles, and the combination of Wuliangcai's brand's unique character, the company has developed its own brand name.Start with the word "good"., , ,Combined with the IP image of Wu Liangcai brandThe company has created a new strategic program to publicize the new brand tone.

After listening to the report of the students, Manager Chen affirmed that the students were interested in the Wuliangmai Renewal Project.Core Brand Value, ,brand positioning, ,Precise grasp of brand image, and the interest that everyone shows in the design of theInnovative ingenuity for brand rejuvenation. At the same time, according to the reporting content of the proposal team, Manager Chen started from theIndustry and market demand perspectiveSuggestions were made to optimize the brand tone of the illustrations and posters designed by the students to strengthen the interest and resonance of the young consumer group.

Vice President Gaudi said that after nearly three months of ideas collision, brand research and conceptualization, the students continuously and repeatedly polished their works to make the new program more perfect and complete. The students in each group actively communicated with the brand and teachers to optimize the plan, and finally presented a number of different styles.Integration of creativity, visualization, and branding conceptsof excellent works. We hope that future students in the design processUnderstand the importance of teamwork and communicationand maintain a passion for design.Thinking with innovation and developmentBringing old names to new life.

Students have something to say

Students' Feedback

In this course, I learned what a brand is, how to define the core concepts of a brand and how to communicate those concepts in design. Also learned how to conduct brand research, analyze competitors and understand the target audience for better brand design. I was involved in real corporate branding projects, from which I learned a lot of practical experience and problem-solving skills. We went through a series of creative processes including brainstorming, sketching and design evolution to find the best design solution for the brand. In the future, I will continue to improve my design skills and stay on top of design trends and industry developments.

--- Visual Communication 2+2 Class 213 Wang Zepei

This polymorphic brand design course focuses on cultivating our original thinking. In the course we conveyed the brand message by integrating graphic creativity and pattern design, and at the same time focused on the creation of form, discovering and presenting the diversity and possibilities of form by observing, sketching, extracting, refining, integrating, and evolving natural forms. We integrated this learning with practical examples and designed a series of multiform posters for Wu Liang Cai Eyewear, which was a very laborious process.

--Jiang Yue, 213, 2+2 Visual Communication Major

After a few weeks of professional learning, the multiform brand design course brought me unprecedented feelings: a new teaching mode as well as a new classroom model. This practical course is not only limited to images, but also opened my eyes to learn more knowledge. Whether it is the vivid and interesting classroom or the professional guidance from the industry leaders, I have gained a lot.

--- Visual Communication 2+2 Class 211 Chen Qian Qian