We're Sino-German | Huang Zihan Receives 380,000 RMB Scholarship from Top U.S. University

April is a beautiful month, and the good news is coming. Huang Zihan from grade 20, majoring in Advertising (Chinese-German 2+2 double degree).Successful application for researchShe received an offer from Savannah College of Art and Design (USA), which is ranked 16th in the world in the discipline of art and design, for graduate school admission.Also awarded a $23,000 scholarship in the UX Design program and a $32,000 scholarship in the Service Design program.. Additionally, he has received an offer from the world's third-ranked art school in the discipline of art and design and the nation's first-ranked art school, theParsons School of Design, USA (PARSONS the New School)of pre-admission offers for graduate school.

Screenshot of offers received by Huang Zihan

Currently, Huang Zihan isBrand University of Applied SciencesHe is in his final year of 2+2 studies. In an interview, he said, "Those nights spent in front of the computer working on my portfolio were the hardest and happiest times of my two years in Germany. My will and patience were severely tested every step of the way, as I had to deal with user research confusion, design struggles, software obstacles, programming failures, and academic theory challenges. And the joy of those overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles is like the sunshine in winter, warm and bright."

Huang Zihan's journey to graduate school has been filled with many difficulties and challenges: "Difficult knowledge supplemental learning, portfolio preparation from scratch, intense German coursework, etc. I have always tried my best to learn new knowledge and keep up with my coursework. I have been doing my best to learn new knowledge, keep up with my coursework, improve my portfolio and maintain my professional ranking."

Huang Zihan's Rich and Compact Schedule

"My portfolio is centered aroundSerious Games, Innovation Design, Service DesignIt is a reflection of my deep reflection on modern society and my creative vision for the future. The source of all inspiration is the diverse experiences I have had during my years at university. My story is a journey of growth, exploration and realization of self-worth, full of challenges and testimonies." So says Huang Zihan.

Selected portions of a portfolio produced by Huang Zihan

01 Jump out of your comfort zone and venture into entrepreneurship

Mass Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation. Subject toMiles' Creative EntrepreneurshipWith the influence of the Chinese brand, Huang Zihan also took an important step towards entrepreneurship during his studies at the Sino-German Branding School. While participating in the Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Huang Zihan, together with fellow student Chen Qi, created and led a team to establishNingbo Free Body Culture Media Co.The company was founded to provide branding, advertising and marketing services to campus businesses. In the early stages of its creation, the company focused on branding, advertising and marketing-related services for campus businesses. "This decision, while fraught with risk, has also allowed me for the first time to really bring theIntegration of theory and practiceExperienceThe Hardships and Joys of Starting a Business. As in 'those who know are better than those who do, and those who do are better than those who do'. In the process, I have not only tried toHow to run a company, and more importantly, learn how to face failure, how to find opportunities from challenges, laying the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey!." The company, which is still in operation, focuses on helping local businesses develop their own form of new media - striving to become a new age advertising agency.

Outside of school, Huang Zihan is passionate about participating in theVarious lectures on internationalization and branding organized by the Sino-German Branding SchoolLtd. to gain an in-depth understanding of brand-related knowledge. At that time, he was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Hong Kailing, who was then the founder CEO of Ningbo Century Triumph Culture Development Co., Ltd, the general manager of Ningbo See Culture Technology Co., Ltd, the director of Ningbo Youth Association, and the director of Ningbo Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce. "Ms. Hong Kailing not only became my mentor and friend, but also opened a new chapter for my entrepreneurial road." Under the leadership of Ms. Kailing Hong, they foundedBrand TALKLOOKThe company's portfolio includesArt Farm, Chinese Café and TALKDRINK Grill & Barand other items.

Huang Zihan's logo sketch for TALKLOOK

From the pre-project planning to the landing of the equipment, from the design of the computer to the actual application, Huang Zihan was involved in the whole process. "Through these projects, I not only gained valuable market experience, but also a deeper understanding of brand building and product innovation." Introduced by Kailin Hong, Huang Zihan began collaborating on the design of cultural tourism product peripherals for the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the posters he designed were displayed in Ningbo's major shopping malls.

Partial display of the aromatherapy packaging design created by Huang Zihan for Ningbo Culture and Tourism.

When he had time to learn, Huang Zihan also went to his family's company - theZhejiang Maitian Network Technology Co.Conducted an internship in interface and experience design. As an assistant, he actively participated in the development of logistics applications and was also responsible for the design of the UI/UX interface of the application client. This experience also laid a good foundation for him to put his professional theories into practice and apply for interdisciplinary graduate studies.

"The road to innovation and entrepreneurship may seem beautiful, but it is also strewn with rapids and full of risks. I extremely value every opportunity to explore and practice in the Sino-German Branding School, theresoluteFaith in the spirit of relentless learning and bold innovationare two indispensable cornerstones on my career planning path." The two years of study and practice experience at Sino-German Branding not only honed Huang Zihan's business intuition, but also made him realize the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge in the modern business environment and the need for higher-level knowledge and skills to support the advancement of his dreams.

02 Sense of Multiculturalism and Diversity 

"The learning and practicing experience in Germany is very different compared to China, because we are in a completely different cultural environment.." Huang Zihan believes that the curriculum in Germany is very colorful. German brand universities of applied sciences actively practice the teaching mode of industry-teaching integration and integrate a large number of enterprise problems into the classroom. Here, he exercises his practical ability more deeply.

In the course "Strategic Planning for Brand Communication", Prof. Joachim Bongard teaches on "how to stimulate consumer insights and the development of creative brand communication strategies" and introduces in the courseInternational design agency KISKA(KISKA is one of the most innovative organizations in the field of branding and product design) Corporate Projects.. Huang Zihan teamed up with his classmates to analyze the current market and media situation, target audience and potential competitors in China. Upon request, he designed a new type of e-bike for KISKA and developed a strategic approach and creative concepts for its entry into China's e-bike market.

Team membersHuang Zihan, Zhu Zewei, Jin Tianle, Chou Gaohan.

In the interdisciplinary practical course project, Huang Zihan came into contact with another enterprise project - combining the changes in the characteristics of the local market demand in Germany for theDeutsche Bahn offers recruitment campaigns in the field of employer branding.. Huang Zihan, together with Zhu Zewei, Wang Xunjie, Jin Yijie and other students, formed an interdisciplinary team, based on the weak sensitivity of the young IT group to advertising in the era of Z, utilized the form of game DLC to design a set of new employer branding image promotion and recruitment advertisement program for DB in the game content of Cyberpunk 2077, which was awarded as the "world's most innovative recruitment method" by the professor. The program was recognized by the professor as "the world's most innovative recruitment method".

Team members: Huang Zihan, Zhu Zewei, Jin Tianle, Chou Gaohan, Wang Xuanjie, Jin Yijie, Bao Wenying.

"In Germany, I have been able to establish friendship links with fellow students and professionals from all over the world, to discuss, inspire and support each other. This has given me a deep appreciation ofThe importance of teamwork and international exchange. The diversity of German cultures makes me realize that I am not only a Chinese citizen, but also a citizen of the world!." Through her studies and exchanges, Huang Zihan has integrated her understanding of multiculturalism and her deep sense of environmental protection and peace into her studies and life, putting her passion for art, design and business into a more international environment."

Huang Zihan testing a VR serious game he made himself

"During my journey in Germany, I gained a new perspective and learned how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and innovative thinking into product and service design. In particular, I have a strong interest in the topic of artificial intelligence. After witnessing the explosion of big language modeling firsthand, I decided to take action. I began to take a deep dive into the potential of generalized AI to promote equality in education, and after researching the key needs of high school students, high school teachers, and the school administration, I began to work remotely with Zhejiang Maitian Network Science and Technology Co. to develop the GPT endpoint device. We plan to work closely with schools and the government to create a price-appropriate and advanced AI teaching machine for every high school student - a full-fledged, virtual high school teacher with advanced titles - to promote education equality in Chinese society."

03 What the seniors have to say

Faced with the confusion of academics and life, Huang Zihan hopes to share some self-improvement skills with his younger siblings:

-Be brave to try, learn to use all the favorable resources around you, socialize upward, and strive to challenge the impossible."Resources" are not only classmates and teachers, you can send emails to contact with social entrepreneurs and so on.

-Go beyond the comfort zone of cultural socialization, enhance intercultural communication skills, and experience the advantages of different cultures from a new cultural perspective.

-Bridging the information gap and keeping an eye on what's new

Huang Zihan discussing his portfolio with Austrian glass tombstone artist