Sino-German Branding Graduation Exhibition 2024 successfully organized

May 10Sino-German Branding Graduation Exhibition 2024It was held on the 3rd floor of Building 51, Qianhu Campus, Zhejiang Wanli University. Leaders from the Academic Affairs Department, International Affairs Department and other related departments of Zhejiang Wanli University, teachers and students of Sino-German Branding Department attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Gao Di, vice dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication.

The graduation exhibition is titled "Evolution: A Journey through Visionary Perspectives"With the theme of "Visual Communication Design," the exhibit features the 2024 graduates of the Visual Communication Design program for theKAI Lok, Zhiyuan Farm, Peloton, First Fruits, Oyu GageThese five brands designed the brand visual communication and promotion programs. The exhibition aims to present the students' four-year branding design journey, showing their growth trajectory and innovative spirit in an all-round way.

Mr. Zhang Yiping, Director of Sino-German Department of Branding and Dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication, delivered the opening speech. The theme of "Evolution" has two meanings: on the one hand, it refers to the visual communication design students of the class of 2024 who have evolved into designers after four years of dedicated study; on the other hand, it refers to the students designing visual communication solutions for the five cooperative brands of the School, which help optimize the brand's vision. Dean Zhang Yiping encouraged the graduates to continue to maintain their innovative spirit and practical ability, and to contribute to the development of the brand design field.

Xiao Siyou, Vice President of Academic Affairs, delivered a speech, and this graduation exhibition of the students of the Visual Communication Design program.Fully demonstrated that the Sino-German Branding Department adheres to the internationalized integration of industry and education and adopts the dual system of talent cultivation by combining the theoretical system of branding disciplines and enterprise practices..

Mr. Chen Pinghua and Mr. Chen Yaodong, special teachers of Sino-German Branding Department, spoke on behalf of the instructors. They put forward their hopes to the students of Sino-German Visual Communication, hoping that after graduation, the students will maintain their in-depth exploration of design expertise and persistent pursuit of professionalism, and keep moving forward to make greater contributions to the society.

In his speech, Stefan Waller, Vice President of the Joint School of the German University of Branding and Applied Sciences of Zhejiang Wanli College, fully recognized the hard work of the students in the past few months. He encouraged the students to stick to the original intention of design, not to be afraid of the changes of the times and technology, to keep exploring and innovating, and to bring more beauties and surprises to the society.

At the end of the opening ceremony, Yang Yaping, School Supervisor of the Academic Affairs Department, announced the official opening of the exhibition.

Graduates from the Visual Communication Design program of the Class of 2024 explained the design concepts of their works to the visitors at the exhibition site.