Sino-German SGFB Seminar Preview|Take the pulse of your personality and lead a happy life!

time: May 24, 2024, 14:00-15:00

Location: Qianhu 1110

Title: Having a Better Understanding of Personalities can Result in a Happy Life

Taking the pulse of character towards a happy life

Speakers: Chen Wencheng

Speaker Profile:

Chen Wencheng, Doctor of Education, University of Nottingham, National Second Grade Psychological Counselor, Psychological Teacher, National First Hypnosis Health Care Teacher, Visiting Scholar of University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh and National Taiwan Normal University in UK, First Prize Winner of Mental Health Excellent Achievement Prize of Zhejiang Province, Senior Talent of Ningbo Municipal Government, and Advanced Individual of Ningbo Municipal Scientific Research. She is a contestant of Jiangsu TV's "One Stop to the Bottom", a contestant of Zhejiang TV's "Let's Go Up to Poetry", a best-selling author of her personal psychological novel "Passing by Your Adolescence", and an anchor of Himalaya's parenting program. She has been engaged in psychological counseling for 16 years, and has counseled white-collar workers, students, civil servants, medical personnel, insurance personnel, food service personnel, etc. She has accumulated a large amount of case experience from more than 10,000 hours of counseling work, and has unique insights in developmental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology and other aspects.