"MINA International Movie Festival - Creative Movies, Talent and Creative Minds!

As technology changes

The advent of the smartphone

We were able to see the world in a new way, with new perspectives.

And creative expression

The 13th MINA International Mobile Innovation Film Festival is open to the general public

Films produced by smartphones, mobile devices and small portable cameras

(8 minutes maximum)

The best works will be shown on the city's big screen

The Sino-German Branding School

Also with MINA

Introducing the new"Brand Narrative Unit"

SGFBers get a load of this.

Here's a different kind of movie festival for you!

MINA is the oldest film festival in the Southern Hemisphere, organized by the Mobile Innovation Network & Association, dedicated to showcasing mobile and smartphone films.The festival focuses on a variety of areas including moving image art, documentary, community storytelling, experimental screen productions, and emerging media including drone video, augmented reality (AR), mobile cinematic virtual reality (VR), and mobile artificial intelligence (AI.) MINA aims to foster interaction and connections between filmmakers, communities, and the creative industries. Over the past thirteen years, MINA has organized screenings in Wellington (New Zealand), Melbourne (Australia), Ningbo and Hangzhou (China).

Mobile Innovation Network & Association (MINE)With a longstanding commitment to organizing film festivals on mobile devices and smartphone films on an international scale, MINA will create a bridge between filmmakers, the communities involved and the creative industries.

Call for Films

1. New Voices Unit: The Next Generation of Smartphone Filmmakers

This section is dedicated to young and emerging filmmakers (including students), and MINA is looking forward to the participation of a new generation of filmmakers, artists and producers in the New Voices program.

2. Module "The future is now"

This is a section dedicated to virtual reality for film and television and 360° film production.

3. Innovative modules

This category includes vertical screen videos and films, AI-created films, mobile AR, mobile XR, mobile news, mobile storytelling, live streaming, mobile social media and small portable cameras (e.g., Gopro), microfilms (e.g., Shake, TikTok), and other films made on mobile devices. Entries must be filmed by a mobile device, smartphone or small portable camera and edited by a mobile device, tablet or smartphone.


Eco-themed film is a special project of MINA. This section is looking for filmmakers who are interested in making films on ecology-related topics and can give their own creative solutions from the films, the content of which should be ecologically centered. The content should be ecology-centered. The format includes documentary, feature, experimental or animated short films. Our intention is to use the power of film to raise awareness of environmental protection, to stimulate critical awareness and creative solutions, and to promote the creation of films on environmental and ecological themes. Films must be shot on cell phones and have English subtitles.

5. Brand Narrative Unit

This is a brand new unit presented by the Sino-German Branding School and MINA.Focusing on brand storytelling created on mobile devices, this section is open to filmmakers, marketers and brand storytellers looking for mobile narrative short films centered around a product, service or brand idea and produced using mobile technology as a pathway.

Requirements for the Call for Films

Duration 30 seconds - 8 minutes

Created by mobile devices such as smartphones, Gopro, drones, etc.

Video Submission Deadline

July 1, 2024

How to submit a film for the MINA Film Festival

MINA Official Website mina.pro

Mainland China Submission Website


Website for countries and regions outside mainland China


Dr. Li Shuai, a teacher from the Visual Communication Design Department of the Sino-German School of Branding, is in charge of the 13th MINA International Mobile Innovation Film Festival in China, and Sino-German students who are interested in participating in the festival can register with Dr. Li Shuai. Dr. Li will conduct a series of workshops for the MINA Film Festival according to the registration situation and help students prepare their works.

Contact Information:Email: Shuaili@zwu.edu.cn