Sino-German Branding Department and Shanghai Oriental Finance Town signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement

Recently, a delegation from Sino-German Branding Department visited Shanghai Oriental Financial Town (SOMT) and was warmly received by Zhang Qing, Party Secretary and Chairman of SOMT, and Xie Chunkai, Partner of SOMT and Executive Director of Shanghai Fengshi Network Technology Co.The two sides signed an agreement on school-enterprise cooperation and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on internationalized industry-education integration.

Shanghai Oriental Financial Town, established in 2017, is a financial cluster created by the Shanghai Municipal Government, aiming to attract domestic and foreign financial institutions to set up branches here, promote the development of the financial industry and enhance the level of financial services in Shanghai. As an innovative state-owned enterprise, the town has always been committed to becoming an important gathering place for financial products, technologies, management, brands and talents.

Mr. Zhang Qing introduced to President Zhang Yiping and his delegation the development of the town and the key project in progress - "Shenlonghu" brand construction, and expressed his hope to establish long-term school-enterprise cooperation with Sino-German Branding Department to promote the effective convergence of the education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain. He also expressed his hope to establish a long-term school-enterprise cooperation relationship with the Sino-German Branding Department to jointly promote the effective connection of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain. The town is willing to provide students with a platform and opportunities for practice and entrepreneurship.

After listening to the introduction of the town and visiting the core area of the town, President Zhang Yiping said that the excellent ecological endowment of the town is an extremely scarce resource, and that the Sino-German Department of Branding is willing to carry out strategic cooperation with the town.Utilizing the advantages of resources and channels of international cooperation and the emerging disciplines of brand science, we will carry out full-cycle conceptual design, communication planning and management and operation for the town's brand building..

Xie Chunkai, partner of Oriental Finance Town and director of Shanghai Fengshi Network Technology Co., Ltd. also introduced the high-end yellow peach brand "First Fruit" and coffee brand "Bean Program" currently operated by Fengshi Network Technology Co. PreviouslyThe "First Fruits" project has been entered into the corporate project database of Sino-German Branding Department, and has become one of the graduation design topics for the 2024 graduates, and several excellent design works have been selected by Bongsong and will be put into practical application soon.Mr. Xie Shunkai expressed his wish to introduce the "Bean Project" to the Sino-German Branding Department as well. Mr. Xie Shunkai expressed his wish to introduce the "Bean Project" into the Sino-German Branding Department as an entrepreneurial practice program for Chinese and German students.

At the end of the meeting, both sides reached a consensus on cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Subsequently, the academic department and Shanghai Oriental Financial Town will carry out in-depth cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific research, overall development, transformation and upgrading of the town, brand building, brand internationalization development and other aspects.