We're Sino-German|Jing-Yi Lou: In Sino-German, I found the right direction

Today's "We're Chinese-German" interview is withSino-German School of Design and Communication, Visual Communication Design (Sino-German 2+2) Class of '19of Jing Yi Lou. To date, she has received a number of awards including the highest global art hall - theUniversity of the Arts London (UAL)The 41st-rankedThe University of Sydney), the 45thThe University of New South Wales (UNSW)The university offers five universities, including

Jing Yi Lou received the offer

"Both interest and employment are important, but being partial to either can lead to an imbalance of choices."Lou Jing Yi looked back on her journey and said sincerely, "It is very important to keep abreast of the general environment of the entire design industry and the needs of various institutions. Sometimes not only the lack of professional ability will obstruct you, but also the closed information will interfere with your judgment."

Jing Yi Lou's ladder to her dream is not only forged by her own footprints, but also by her appropriate choice and thorough understanding of each profession, which has successfully pushed her to the art hall of her dreams.

Visual Communication (2+2 Sino-German Dual Degree) Class of '19 Julia Yi Lou

Looking back on college life, the"Putting effort in the right direction"Jing Yi Lou sums up the situation for herself. In her opinion, the 2+2 talent training program at Sino-German College has brought her many different rewards. Compared to the one-dimensional way of learning during her previous compulsory education, she feels free and able to think outside the box in courses like the Intercultural Competence Development Course and Design Aesthetics and Design Thinking, breaking the inherent one-to-one information dissemination model and finding the resources she needs from multiple platforms.

CollegeSystematic and branded teaching arrangement and external teaching modeMore emphasis is placed on exercising students' innovation and practical skills. In terms of thinking, they are guided to learn to look at problems from multiple perspectives first, and then slowly find the essence of design; secondly, in terms of practice, through a variety of practical projects in line with the real employment environment, from which Julia Lou gains practical experience of trial and error and sharpening as well as professional and practical design skills.

Jing Yi Lou's works show


Break through the information cocoon and find the right direction for yourself

When she first entered campus, Julia Lou, like many college students, was confused about her future. Because of the passive learning mindset in the past, she was unable to adapt to the international teaching model that required active exploration and innovation. At that time, she had no purpose for her studies. Under the guidance of her teachers at the Sino-German Academy, Julia Lou slowly learned to balance her life and her studies, and to break out of the shackles of her own thinking. Considering her preference for the European art atmosphere and customs, and taking into account the ranking of her school, she finally decided to make Royal Arts and LEN Arts her goal.

At the same time, in terms of professional choice, Julia Lou's undergraduate study is visual communication design, which is more inclined to graphic brand design, but in fact she herself is more interested in traditional oil painting art, which made her fall into a difficult choice for a while. After discussing with her teachers and family and friends, she chose the direction of interactive design, taking into account the employment trend of the whole design environment at this stage. "Simply considering my interests and existing knowledge would have nailed my thinking and made me bent on my own way." Jing Yi Lou said."Diversifying information is very important, and actively learning about the needs of each institution and the target institutions can multiply our efforts."


A good mindset determines a good future

In Jing Yi Lou's opinion, while pressure in learning certainly exists and hard work is the biggest artificial factor leading to success, she does the opposite when her classmates around her are exhausted with further education and homework. She suggests with a smile: "Having fun is important." Compared to others, Lou Jing Yi started a little later, but she was not too fast or too slow. Adequate preparation in the early stage makes her more confident to do everything she should do."Confidence is actually very important for a person, it is wrong to just deny your own work and ability, you should constantly look for the points where you need to improve so that your work will have further upside."Jing Yi Lou said. Under the pressure of time and psychological pressure, she tried to regulate herself with an open mind and achieved a "three-line balance" in terms of portfolio, school work and language study.


Advice for undergraduates

Julia Yee believes that in the design industry, a person's aesthetics is the most important and most important point to focus on. Many students' unsatisfactory design works are actually not the lack of basic skills, but the slight lack of aesthetics. Although a piece of work can not be completely judged as "beautiful" or "unattractive", butThe lack of aesthetics can limit our ability to think and think about design. "Especially what we should do most as a designer is to find the balance between mass and individuality. Usually, we browse more design websites, magazines and exhibitions, etc., so that our minds will be opened and our ability will be improved in the design process."

Jing Yi Lou's works on different themes