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Packaging is the first thing consumers see of a product and determines the first impression it provides. A sufficiently beautiful packaging can make the goods stand out from a crowd of similar products and help the brand to gain better economic benefits. Therefore, the Sino-German Institute of Design and Communication providesClass of 20 Visual Communication Design Majorof students openedPackaging DesignThis course.

Course Introduction

The success of a product many times cannot be separated from a good packaging design.At the same time, in the modern consumer society, consumers' aesthetics are gradually improving and the requirements for product packaging design are becoming more and more stringent. This course will not only enable students to enhance their knowledge of packagingOriginality and uniquenessThe understanding of the consumer can also be guided to substitute into the identity of the consumer and design packaging that is close to the needs of the consumer.

The course is divided into eight sections in total. The first three sections areIntroduction to packaging design concepts, virtual brand development, etc.basic theoretical content, while the last five panels are moreFocus on practical operation and brand marketing and other series of expanded contentThis will allow students to not only experience the real design process first hand, but also give them a fuller understanding of the advertising and marketing content of the brand and further understand what packaging design is all about.

This course was taught by Steffen Kalauch Lecturer. He split the packaging design intoProduct development, brand development, package design, package presentation and advertising and marketingTeach students at the sourceStarting from a product itself, and then studying its product idea and target consumers, and conducting design experiments.Let the studentsGet to the root of how to make a good packaging design.In the class, Mr. Kalauch integrates product guidelines and brand development ideas by first having students try to create products withThe corporate design with a clear color scheme and typography is then built up into a product design with a clear objective and unique packaging.

Steffen Kalauch

He graduated from the Department of Visual Communication of the Kassel College of Art in Germany, and has taught at the Berlin University of the Arts and the China Academy of Art. His research interests include urban branding and sustainable design.

Mr. Kalauch is explaining the concept

In the group work, the students, under the guidance of Mr. KalauchFrom product branding, differentiation of product types, visualization of product content, integration of color codes, clear hierarchy of necessary information and with specific category codesMultiple aspects are considered and design thinking is put into practice in a methodical manner. At the same time, in order toReflecting the exclusivity of the product and the representativeness of the brand, they present the product better to the users through AR and 3D modeling.

Ms. Kalauch is talking to students

Course Feedback


Yang Yan, Chinese-German Visual Communication Design Class of 20

What impressed me most in this course was that Mr. Kalauch overturned the very complicated design we started with.Teach us that less is more. Therefore, we took the advice of our teacher in the later design to adopt aA simpler but very effective wayto fit the characteristics of our target users and products. I gained a lot from this course, learning that design is oftenNot based on my own subjective ideas, but more on its suitability.


Jiang Jinxiu, Sino-German Visual Communication Design Class of 20

In the packaging design course, I had a lot of fun learning, although I encountered many difficulties in the design process.But Mr. Kalauch gave us all critical advice in a timely manner.For example, in this section of our report.He reminds us to articulate our designs to our clients through storiesThis is why we came up with the idea of using scenario interpretation (we had previously ignored this part of the debriefing). Through this course, we also realized thatNot only the design is important, but also the presentation is important.


Chinese-German Visual Communication Design Class of 20 Tiantian Wang

I really enjoyed the Packaging Design course, it was a particularly rewarding course.Mr. Kalauch was very gentle and attentive, with detailed lectures, checking all the details of each lesson, and never tired of our questions.I spent a lot of time and effort on our design work. I learned the ideas and concepts of what a successful package design should be, the whole process of package design, how to design a distinctive and functional package, and how to follow up with branding.


Chinese-German Visual Communication Design Class of 20, Zhou Shasha

I felt very happy and gained a lot from this packaging design course. First of all, the teachers taught me how to do packaging design for brands and successfully integrated theory with practice. I encountered some problems in the design process, and the teachers alsoPatiently made a lot of suggestions. I have also gained some understanding of packaging design.For example, the packaging needs to be designed for the target customer group, and the packaging needs to be functional, interesting, and contain design language.

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