Sino-German Faculty of Branding held the 2023 Basic Party Branch Secretary's Debriefing and Review Meeting

On December 28, 2023, the General Party Branch of the Department of Sino-German Branding held a branch secretary's duty review meeting in 3412. All faculty members and student members of the General Party Branch of the academic department attended the meeting.

This meeting was presided over by party member Comrade Zheng Coco, first of all, the secretary of the faculty and staff party branch, Huang Heqing, made a report on his duties. Over the past year, the faculty party branch to strengthen the political function, firm party members ideals and beliefs of education, grasp the level of party building work, play the role of the branch of the fighting fortress, grasp the organization construction, sound and strong grass-roots party organizations, strengthen the construction of teacher morality, the implementation of the fundamental task of establishing morality and education of the people, but also on the theoretical study is not enough real, not enough good practical application, not enough investigation and research on the work of the work of the planning and not enough coordination, and so on. Analyze and summarize. In the next step, the faculty branch will further strengthen the theoretical study, enhance the theoretical skills, focus on the advancement of party members, further strengthen the education and management of party members, and further pragmatic innovation to enhance the effectiveness of the work.

The second agenda of the meeting was the report of the secretary of the student party branch, Ms. Li Danwei. In the past year, the Student Party Branch has been promoting the system of "Three Meetings and One Class", studying important meetings and speeches, combining theory with practice, and setting an example for student party members. Happily, 12 student party members graduated from the class of 2023, accounting for 55% of the number of graduated party members. the pioneering role of the graduated party members in the employment work of colleges and universities reflects the positive results of the department in guiding the party members to expand their academic horizons and improve their comprehensive quality, and it also highlights the overall quality of the party members and the enhancement of their academic level. At the same time, the Student Party Branch has independently constructed a party building brand project - "Sino-German Siyuan Society" by combining the characteristics of the international exchange work and professional advantages of the department, and carried out the first phase of the project planning and implementation of the "Siyuan Journal". The first phase of the program was planned and implemented, i.e. "Thinking and Doing". In this academic year, some party members have weak sense of responsibility and slackness, etc. In the next year, we will further strengthen the assessment of party activists, the assessment of overseas party members and the process assessment of party education.

Zhang Yiping, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department, commented on the duty report of each branch. He affirmed everyone's work and pointed out that the secretaries of each party branch had a strong sense of duty, carried out fruitful party building activities in the past year, and gave full play to the role of the party branch as a fighting fortress and the role of party members as pioneers and role models. He emphasized that the teachers' party branches should pay attention to the integration of party building and central business, innovate the way of party building work, and create a brand of party building; the students' party branches should strengthen the basic functions of the party branches, and play a good role in educating, managing, and supervising the party members. He hoped that in the future work, the secretaries of each party branch should further innovate the working methods and methods, plan the work of the branch next year in combination with the internationalization characteristics and professional specialties of the college, and promote the career development of the college with high-quality party building.

This debriefing conference for the secretaries of grassroots party branches not only promoted the exchange and sharing of work experience among branches, but also provided ideas and directions for the branches to carry out good work next year.