Kingbomb! Four students from a class of Chinese and German students were admitted to UCL, one of the world's top universities.

Towards the end of 2023, the Sino-German Branding Department welcomes the good news: as of now, seven students of the International Economics and Trade (Chinese and Foreign 2+2 Dual Degree) class, who are in their second two years of study at the partner university, the University of Hertfordshire in the UK,...All have been accepted into the top 100 QS ranked universities. Among other things.Cheng Beiyu Cai, Zehao Qiu, Enshu Chen, and Zihao Li were admitted to University College London (UCL), the world's top university (ranked 9th in the world by QS).The students of the 2024 graduating class of the Sino-German Branding School They gave a good start to the internationalization of the graduating class of 2024 of the Sino-German Branding School for further studies.

The interview series "We're Sino-German" is back after one year with new stories. Introducing today's seven protagonists, we start with a photo.

Chen Enxu, Zhu Zijing, Ye Zhenfei, Qiu Zehao, Zhang Ziyu, Cai Chengbeiyu, Li Zihao (from left to right)

The seven people in the picture are classmates of the International Economics and Trade (Chinese and Foreign 2+2 Dual Degree) Class 20 of the Sino-German Branding Department, who came to the UK together more than a year ago. "I think we are more like family than classmates. Being in a foreign country, you have to deal with a lot of difficulties on your own, and it's really rare to have people who can get together from time to time to talk about their plans and ideas." Chen Enshu said.

When talking about the secrets of applying for graduate school, several students coincidentally mentioned the role of the 2+2 study mode of the Sino-German Brand School in their application to the world's most prestigious universities. Here, they not only practiced cross-cultural communication skills through the activities of the department and course training, but also used English to learn professional knowledge and had a broad international perspective. The last two years at the English-speaking partner institutions have been very beneficial to them. Next, let's take a look at the experiences and insights of several students who have received offers:

Li Zihao: I came here for China and Germany from the beginning.

"I set the goal of going to graduate school at the beginning of my freshman year." Li Zihao mentioned. But the Sichuan native was not able to enter the Sino-German School of Design and Communication at the time of enrollment because of the geographical restriction of enrollment. "I knew then thatThe Sino-German 2+2 model is definitely more advantageous in terms of applying for graduate schoolSo I was at the end of my freshman yearApply to transfer to Midland CollegeAnd the facts proved that my choice was not wrong. Whether it's the cross-cultural communication environment, or the cultivation mode of industry-teaching integration and real questions in the classroom, it has laid the foundation for my subsequent advancement to graduate school." Because he set his goal early, Li Zihao made a list for himself: how many points he needed to get in IELTS, how many points he needed to achieve in each course, and then went towards the corresponding goal. When asked about the secret of getting an offer early, Li Zihao said that in addition to maintaining the previous credits, it is very important to carefully prepare the materials and documents for graduate school. Starting early means that you have enough time to find the right professors to write letters of recommendation and to polish the application and other necessary materials for graduate school.

Li Zihao welcomes New Year 2024 in the UK
Group photo of Li Zihao participating in the chorus competition of the Sports and Culture Festival

Cai Cheng Beiyu: Putting in the effort, even a little bit of return

Cai Chengbeiyu said, "Under the internationalized teaching atmosphere and the cultivation mode of industry-teaching integration in the Sino-German Brand School, I have improved my ownLanguage skills, creativity and logical thinkingIt has also helped me to quickly adapt to the study life abroad." Thanks to the guidance of the department and the targeted advice of the teachers, he has been preparing his application for the offer in a planned manner. Not only in the matter of applying for offers, but also in his normal study life, he would plan ahead for the work to be accomplished. He is always well prepared for the opportunities that come his way.

Cai Chengbeiyu (first from right)

Qiu Zehao: ENFP Happy Puppy, Aiming for One Goal

Qiu Zehao, whose personality typing is ENFP, had just arrived in England to study in theClarity in the first year about the institution you want to attend in the future - UCLBecause the application for graduate school in the UK is based on the grades of the first academic year after going there, he studied hard just to get a good GPA. During the summer vacation of his junior year, he also made a special trip to the United Kingdom.Stay in the UK and find an internshipDuring the two months of summer vacation, he continued to search and revise his resume. It was a very boring experience, but he persevered for the ultimate goal. During the process of applying to prestigious schools, many difficulties arose, but Qiu ZehaoKeeping a good mind and stable emotionsI was able to cut through the thorns on my way to graduate school and finally got what I wanted and received the offer of my dreams.

Qiu Zehao (second from left, first row) and his foreign roommates in the same dormitory building.
Qiu Zehao traveled around Europe

Chen Enshu: Doing Long-Term Planning and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chen Enxu made the decision to go to graduate school at the end of the first semester of his sophomore year, when his GPA was just over 3.0. After communicating with his teachers, he understood that he needed to make every effort to improve his GPA and accumulate relevant experiences in order to reach this goal. He changed his previous attitude of not being very attentive to his studies and actively participated in group work and communicated with his teachers when he had any questions that he did not understand.Ended up going to the UK with a 3.7 GPA, conducting the last two years of study.

"For me.Choosing to go abroad means stepping out of your comfort zone., came over here without the convenience of being able to order takeout at any time, and without having my parents in close proximity to provide support at all times." Chen Enshu said. When he came here, he slowly learned to figure out how to solve problems on his own. At first, he couldn't fully understand his classes, so he used software to translate and record them, and spent a lot of time practicing his listening skills. When he lacked internship experience, he looked for ways to actively interview for a position, and eventually he was able to find a job.He was offered an internship at Deloitte, one of the Big Four firms in the world.He interned in the firm's risk consulting department. He interned in the firm's risk consulting department and learned a lot of knowledge and skills about risk assessment and management from senior practitioners. He also learned from them a rigorous work attitude and professionalism, which are indispensable assets for his future career.

Chen Enshu at White Cliffs, UK
Chen Enshu (second row, first from left)

Zhang Ziyu: Enjoy + Work Hard

While studying abroad, Zhang Ziyu made great efforts to improve his language skills. He would plan how many words he needed to memorize every day and keep repeating them for two days, and alsoDeveloped the habit of watching international news. With time, he was able to communicate and cooperate with students from different countries when doing group tasks. Zhang Ziyu especially mentioned that he was very grateful toThe Sino-German Branding Department set up a pathway for him to study abroad and an internationalized curriculum.It has helped him to improve his professional skills as well as his language skills;Teachers with experience in studying abroad gave him invaluable advice.. Although the pressure of studying and living abroad is relatively high, Zhang Ziyu still uses " Rich, joyful and unique " to describe her life. Enjoying life, but at the same time keeping up with her studies and being efficient, is Zhang Ziyu's secret.

The road to graduate school is not a smooth one. Sino-German students plan their studies well in advance, integrate into the multicultural environment of 2+2, polish themselves silently, enrich their curriculum vitae in the international competition, and work hard to enter their dream colleges;

They enjoy life, love life, appreciate the world with their own eyes and measure the world with their own feet. Continuously enriching their lives, they lay a solid foundation for becoming truly Glocal citizens of the world.