[Lecture] Creative Expression in the Digital Age

Time: 2024.3.5 (Tuesday) 18:30

Lecture Location: Money Lake 53301

Presenter Profile:
Shuai Li, PhD in Communication Studies, specializes in film production using mobile devices. Co-founder of Grandshow video production company in Melbourne. He specializes in a variety of video productions, including microfilm, commercials, news, sports, music videos and large-scale live broadcasts. Dedicated to innovating narrative paradigms and pushing the boundaries of traditional video production. Currently exploring the transformative effects of artificial intelligence on video production, investigating how AI-based technologies can revolutionize narrative, editing, and the entire production process. Research interests also include smartphone film and video production, and emerging media.

Lecture content:
In this ever-evolving digital age, mobile technology has been integrated into every aspect of our lives, becoming a unique new avenue for creative expression and storytelling, as well as providing new avenues for brands and individuals to create. We can capture life's moments and create stunning visuals, while also providing a unique narrative opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences in ways they never have before.
Through a series of exciting works, this talk will discuss how mobile technology can be utilized to not only open up new possibilities for personal creativity and professional production to achieve high-quality visual expression, but also explore how to incorporate branding elements into film and television production, innovate narratives, and enhance the attractiveness and impact of brand storytelling.