School-enterprise linkage, the Department of Academic Affairs and Hape held a graduation internship seminar

In order to further implement the internship work of the 2024 undergraduate graduates of the Faculty, strengthen students' knowledge of graduation internship, guide students to clearly understand the needs of enterprises and make good preparations for internship.The Sino-German Department of Branding, in cooperation with Hape Group, recently organized graduation internship seminars for the 2024 graduates of Advertising 2+2, Exhibition Economics and Management 2+2 and Visual Communication Design 2+2.

During the presentation, the teacher in charge of each program explained to the studentsPurpose, content and assessment criteria of graduation internshipHe also reminded the students to take advantage of this internship opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and get a good start on their careers.

In addition, the department invited Hape Group's Human Resources Center Director Jia Lina, China Marketing Planning Deputy Manager Wang Siyuan and other corporate leaders to show and explain to students the design post, branding activities post and other school recruitment positions that match the department's majors, in order to help students better understand the needs of employers. At the same time, they said that students from Zhongde are welcome to come to bid for the jobs.

After the meeting, the students also had further communication with the business mentors of Hape Group on their concerns about internship and employment.

The graduation internship is an opportunity to test that the student willTranslation of learning into practiceIt is an important part of the university program and the last lesson of the students' college years. The Department is committed to providing students withProvide quality internships and comprehensive internship guidanceEffectiveImplementation of work related to graduation internship, helping students realize their career dreams.