Good News! Sino-German Branding was approved for the National Art Foundation grant program


Information from the National Art Fund Management Center shows that the Sino-German Branding DepartmentThe "Yangtze River Delta Characteristic Brand Innovation and Design Talent Training" Project Receives Funding from the National Art Fund.

The project of "Innovative Design Talent Training for Yangtze River Delta Characteristic Brands" is the first project funded by the National Art Fund of the Ministry of Education, which is implemented by the team of Zhang Yiping of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Zhang Yiping, the project leader, introduced that the National Art Fund is a public welfare fund approved by the State Council, aiming to prosper artistic creation, create and promote masterpieces, cultivate artistic talents, and promote the healthy development of the national art career. After rigorous evaluation by experts, a total of 798 projects were funded in 2024, with a comprehensive rate of about 8.7%. The "Yangtze River Delta Characteristic Brand Innovation and Design Talent Training" project was funded by 1.2 million yuan.The project is funded by the National Art Fund, which is a recognition of the internationalization achievements of the Sino-German Branding Department, as well as a support for the development and professional construction of the emerging interdisciplinary discipline - "brand science", which is of great significance to promote the construction of emerging disciplines in our university.The project team will make full use of the three advantages of the Sino-German Department of Branding: the resource channel advantage of international cooperation, the emerging discipline advantage of branding science, and the organizational platform advantage of the integration of industry, science and education, bring together high-level scholars and experts from the academic sector and industry, and open up the pathway between craft and design, design and product, product and brand, and brand and market, so as to cultivate a group of excellent brand innovation and design talents who can serve the high-quality development and promote the development of China's brands. It will promote Chinese brands to go overseas, create the international influence of Chinese brands, and help "Made in China" brand building.