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a company with a long-established reputationAs a treasure of Chinese culture carrying a profoundHistorical and cultural heritageand uniquebrand valueHowever, the impact of the modern market has forced the old brands to follow the trend of transformation and upgrading. The Sino-German Branding Department has integrated the old brand revitalization program into the branding program.Multiform Brand Design CourseHelping old brands in the midst of it allpreserve what is right and innovateIt is both the inheritance of traditional culture and the innovative exploration of the development of old brands.

1 Course Introduction

Recently, Class 21 students majoring in visual communication of the SGFB participated in theChinese Old Firm-Shanghai Mecca ProjectSuccessful completion of the project. The results of the students' project were recognized by Mr. Wang Qiangqiang and Ms. Liu Jing from the Marketing Department of Shanghai MEGAMAN®.

Multiform Branding is a required major course in the junior year of the Visual Communication Design program designed toExplore the diversified forms of brand design, including graphic design, packaging design, brand strategy design, etc... This course was organized byGao Di, Vice Dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication, and Haixian Ni, Distinguished Professor of the SchoolCo-teaching. The main purpose of this course was to conduct research on brand renewal strategies for three long-established brands: "Wu Liang Cai Optical", "Shanghai Mecca", and "Longmen Aquatic".IP design, product packaging design, product promotion main visual series poster design, brand positioning, etc.The aspect unfolds.

Gao Di, Vice Dean of SGFB

Haixian Ni, Distinguished Professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology

2 Program Overview

Shanghai MEGAMAN® Daily Chemical, formerly known as the China Chemical Industry Association, was born in 1912, is one of Shanghai's long-established popular brands.2024 At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the State Intellectual Property Office, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced the third batch of "China's oldest and most respected brand of Chinese products (idiom); fig. a famous Chinese company"List, a division of Mecca Daycare."Megabucks (brand)" "tofu (by analogy)"On the list. The project involves MEGAMAN® Daily Chemical's "Shanghai Anti-Acid Toothpaste""Bubblews Children's Toothpaste"These two products.

Shanghai Anti-Acid Toothpaste

In recent years, as a result ofonline shoppingRapid development, oral care market competition has intensified, Shanghai anti-acid toothpaste gradually lost its original market leadership. Currently, the brand's audience groups are mainlyPredominantly 45+ population, as the older generation of loyal consumers dwindles, what are the best ways for brands to reach new consumer segments and achieve sales growth while retaining the stock market? Also according to the newly enacted advertising law, "Shanghai Anti-AcidThe "Shanghai Anti-Acid" brand is not able to adapt to the new trademark registration requirements because of the efficacy information in "Shanghai Anti-Acid". In what way should the brand publicize the characteristics of the product in an appropriate and effective way, and continue to develop the "Shanghai Anti-Acid" brand in the toothpaste market? Against this background, the students needed to develop a personalized design for the Shanghai Acid-Free Toothpaste.A New Look at the National Wave.

Bubblews Children's Toothpaste

Under the banner of MEGAMAN® Daily ChemistryBubblews Children's Toothpastewith a uniqueIGY Fluoride-free Mothproofing TechnologyFor the core competitiveness of the product, its production cost is also higher than ordinary fluoride toothpaste. The brand is mainly used byChildren up to and including 12 years of ageIn 2023, in response to the latest market demand, new product development will consider adding probiotic ingredients to children's toothpaste. How will the Bubblews brand capture the hearts and minds of moms and how will the product penetrate into the target market? What kind of marketing point is the most relevant to the current demand for children's toothpaste from moms? What kind of ways and channels should be used to open up this commercial blue ocean? Based on this background, the students needed to revitalize the brand of children's toothpaste through a new IP image. At the beginning of the project, the students carried out market research in various aspects, and in mid-December, Vice Dean Gaudi led the students to drive to Shanghai and visit Shanghai Mecoxib Daily Chemical Co. Under the guidance of the mentors, the students visited the aseptic workshop of MEGAMAN® and observed the production process of toothpaste; they also listened to the mentors explain the history of the brand development in the exhibition hall of the enterprise.

3 Client Presentation

Students of the Visual Communication Design program of the 21st year of the Sino-German Branding Department worked in small groups to actively develop the branding needs of Shanghai MEGAMAN®.Project research and content creation. Post-reporting tooffline formThe teams presented their market research findings and program results to the brand leaders.

leave it (to sb)Chen Jiani (Team Leader), Huang Jialu, Chen Yuan, Shen Shijia, Chen ZiyiThe team "We are a team" focused on the packaging of the renewed brand, which was presented in two options. Program One:"Shanghai Acid Proofing, the king of cost-effective". This program is mainly designed to attract a small number of new young groups while retaining the original consumer base; Program 2: "Know your allergy, cure your allergy". The slogan comes from their theme "High mountains and flowing water, it's hard to find a soulmate", high mountains and flowing water is the communication between soulmates. At the same time, they introduced Shanghai dialect as their main visual highlights, hoping to let Shanghai Acid Proof use their own local "voice" to achieve the purpose of out of the circle, but also want to let Shanghai Acid Proof toothpaste like a confidant to understand, accompany the majority of consumers.

leave it (to sb)Qian Zirou (Team Leader), Zhou Ziqin, Li Hangzhou SoapThe "3 Years Z Group" named the project after "Don't be Sour" and conveyed the vision of getting people out of the sourness of their lives through the use of Shanghai's acid-proof toothpaste, which can be brushed and rinsed with a single brush. They combinedTraditional Chinese Yueju OperaIt is also a vehicle to convey the sense of history and heaviness of Shanghai's acid-proof toothpaste. At the same time togeometrized figurefor the IP image to cater to the preferences of contemporary youth. The simple graphic also creates a deeper memory point for consumers. The image of Yueju, which represents righteousness, is matched with the problem of tooth sensitivity, which makes people feel uncomfortable, just as Shanghai Acid Proof Toothpaste is dedicated to solving people's dental problems.

leave it (to sb)Wu Shuang (Team Leader), Li Xiaoduo, Zhang Leyao, Wu Yulu, Yao YingThe "professional team" assembled to realize the brand renewal, after a series of market research, conducted a series of design proposals for two routes. The first design proposal aimed to maintain the basic users of the brand, and made the original packaging on thesee the world in a new light. Their overall design follows the basic color palette of the brand's original packaging, and the main visual takes the brand's main ingredient as the entry point, visualizing salvinorin and strontium chloride, which gives the product's efficacy an intuitive visual experience. The second design program is mainly for the expansion of new user groups, proposed "quadruple gentlemanThe concept of "Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum". The visual treatment of linear illustration of the traditional Chinese plants Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum, linking their resilience to the powerful efficacy of the product, makes the whole set of design elegant and elegant, and the new visual effect is more conducive to the product to the young market.

leave it (to sb)Li Wanying (Team Leader), Zhang Jiayi, Lei YaxuanThe "Chihuahua" group was formed around the "Bubbles Children's Toothpaste" by Megaman.IGY"Patented technology to develop the design, with a unique creative presentation of a group of IP. unlike the traditional single IP, they use the "1+1"The IP model allows for more flexible and diverse scenarios of IP utilization. The main IP image is derived from the original IP and represents the child himself, while the secondary IP image links to the brand's patent and symbolizes the child's partner. The design incorporates a rich variety of costumes and actions, allowing the brand to showcase its products and promote them at different points in time. In terms of color, their design takes the form of a gradient, using visually contrasting three colors across the three products, presenting a clear product differentiation for consumers.

leave it (to sb)Li Heng (Team Leader), Ye Jiakang, Li HangkeThe "Next Group" was formed to position the brand's design in the direction of the "health professional"and"accompany sb. as they grow"On it, combining the advantageous technology and IP of Bubblews, the design focuses on professionalism, healthiness as well as childishness, which can both draw closer to the baby-mother crowd and be loved by the babies. The overall design is characterized by aPie in the sky, childlike and cuteThe visual style of the presentation.

Mr. Wang Qiangqiang from the marketing department of Shanghai Mecca Clean highly praised the final outputs of the students' projects based on "Shanghai Anti-Acid Toothpaste" and "Bubble Baby Children's Toothpaste", and commended the students' efforts in the project process.Positive attitude towards inquiries and research. He said that the output of the students also has a lot to learn and refer to learn for MCCC.

Mr. Wang Qiangqiang, Marketing Department, Shanghai Meccadine

Associate Dean Gordy said the Old Firm Renewal program gives students the opportunity to gain insight into theThe core values and philosophies of traditional culture and their impact on contemporary Chinese brand culture, brand design and communication.. Through the cooperation and exchange with long-established enterprises, the students were able to understand the market demand and combine tradition with modernity, utilizing their own designTelling and communicating China's brand storyParticipating in this project has honed the students' design ability and prompted them to think deeply about how to combine traditional cultural heritage with contemporary design concepts. Participating in this project has honed the students' design ability, prompted young people to think deeply about how to combine traditional cultural heritage with contemporary design concepts, and brought new possibilities for the development of old brands, while at the same time fostering the students' professionalism and the spirit of cultural responsibility.

4 Student testimonials Student's Feedback

Catalina Chin (1976-), US singer and actress Visual Communication 2+2 Specialization 213

In my eyes, old brands are not only commercial brands, but also a kind of cultural accumulation of the stage era. When old brands come into our classroom and intersect with our generation of young design apprentices, I deeply feel that this is a kind of dialog across time and space, as well as a kind of cultural continuity. During the process of doing the Old Firm project, I was fascinated by the development history behind each old firm, but I also found that old brands face many challenges. As times change, so do consumer needs and aesthetics. How to make old brands retain their essence while keeping up with the times and meeting the needs of modern consumers is a question worth pondering. Through doing the project, I realized that innovation is the key to revitalizing old brands. On the basis of respecting the tradition and constantly innovating products, design and marketing methods, old firms can stand invincible in the fierce market competition.

Yao Ying (1957-), PRC champion ice skater during early 1980s and more recently national skating coach  Visual Communication 2+2 Specialization 212 

In this project, we are honored to be involved in the product design of a long-established brand. In our mind, old brands are often associated with keywords like "age" and "calm". Nowadays, with the fierce competition in the market, they are also trying to rejuvenate their brands. As a young generation, when we meet old brands, it's like a collision between the new and the classic. So, we want to add some new ideas on the basis of maintaining the advantages of the original brand, such as new Chinese medicine ingredients, to cope with more and more young people's pursuit of health. We hope these ideas of ours can help the old brand.

Huang Jialu, Visual Communication 2+2, Class 213 

This project, the Old and New Project, has taught me that preliminary research is very important for design. Through practice, I learned how to start from the user's needs and make innovative design. At the same time, I also realized the importance of teamwork, everyone's collision of ideas can add color to the project. However, I also found that I still need to improve my time management and communication, and I will pay more attention to these two points next time. Overall, this experience has been very rewarding and I will continue to work hard to improve my design skills.