【Lecture】 Branded Challenges - An Inside View on Branding Exploring Branding Challenges

time: March 20, 2024, 18:00-19:30

Location: Qianhu 53211

Speakers: Hendrik Moeller

Speaker Profile:Hendrik Moeller, Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Brand Science, Germany, co-founder and senior partner of Kollaborat, a well-known German branding agency, was the design director of the world-famous branding company MetaDesign, and has long been responsible for the design projects of Volkswagen, Fisher&Paykel, Siemens and other international brands in China, and has accumulated rich experience in cross-cultural branding design. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in cross-cultural brand design. At Kollaborat, he plays a central role in creating unique and attractive brand images for many clients through precise strategic layout, innovative thinking integration and clear goal orientation.

Lecture content: Facing his studio's communication and branding with other events around the world, Hendrik shares insights from his practical work experience. Clients such as city and federal governments, welfare organizations, and mechanical engineering companies challenge designers in terms of quality, quantity, speed, and awareness. He describes his experience going from art school to his own branding company, sharing the importance of strategy and storytelling to branding.Hendrik talks about monetizing your creative work for clients, the value of accountability, rainbow-washed branding, and the nightmare of free type.