SGFB "International Brand Innovation" Lecture Series|Mobile Narrative: Creative Expression in the Digital Age

Editor's Notes:In the era of globalization, digitalization and rapid development of intelligence, brand innovation has become a key factor in the sustainable development of enterprises. Whether it is product design, packaging innovation, marketing strategy or business model, domestic and foreign brands are constantly exploring and iterating to adapt to market demand and consumer preference changes. Sino-German Department of Branding has organized a series of lectures on "International Branding Innovation", inviting branding experts and scholars from the industry and academia to share the latest trends, methods and cases of international branding innovation, in order to inspire teachers and students to think innovatively and improve the level of branding discipline construction.

On the evening of March 4, SGFB's "International Branding Innovation" lecture series was held at the Sino-German Branding School.Dr. Li ShuaiPresented a special lecture to the entire school community-"Mobile Narratives: Creative Expression in the Digital Age.". The lecture was hosted by Mr. Gaudi, Vice Dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication.

Li Shuai, graduated from Renmin University of China with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, completed his Master's Degree at the University of Melbourne, and later received his PhD in Communication Studies at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Co-founder of Grandshow Video Production in Melbourne, he specializes in filming and producing videos using mobile devices. He specializes in a variety of video productions including microfilms, commercials, news, sports, music videos and large-scale live broadcasts, working to innovate narratives and push the boundaries of traditional film and television production. Currently exploring the transformative effects of artificial intelligence on video production, he is researching Al-based technologies to revolutionize narrative, editing, and the entire video production process. His research interests also include smartphone film and video production, emerging media technologies, and Chinese cinema.

01 Innovation in the way information is accessed and shared

Dr. Shuai Li said that mobile narrative refers to narrative activity through mobile devices or platforms, which encompasses the use of digital media forms including smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices to create and share stories or information. The core feature of mobile narrative is itsdexterity, users can create and consume content anytime, anywhere.

The advent of mobile narratives has changed the way people access and share information. While earlier cameras were difficult to move and costly to produce, the emergence of smartphones has broken the boundaries. The emergence of smartphones with excellent shooting performance has greatly increased the efficiency and lowered the cost of shooting. Plus coupled with the assistance of shooting editing software such as Blackmagic, Protake, Silhouette, etc., theVideo shooting and presentation is no longer just for professionals, ordinary people can also pick up their cell phones to shoot high-level films and quickly disseminate them through the mobile terminal.

02 Mobile Narrative and Brand Storytelling

Regarding the relationship between mobile narrative and brand storytelling, Dr. Shuai Li believes that adopting the mobile narrative model in telling brand stories can increase the flexibility of brands in producing promotional content, reduce the cost of content filming, speed up the speed of content production and distribution, and increase the diversity of visual creativity. At the same time, brands can also get rapid feedback from consumers through major social media platforms.Mobile Narrative Changes Relationships Between People, Brands and Users. In branded applications, mobile narratives can increase user engagement and help brands create more authentic and meaningful brand stories.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Li Shuai shared a self-created film clip and encouraged students to participate in the 2024 Global Youth Multimedia Competition and MINA Film Festival, which are now in the stage of calling for entries, to flexibly use mobile narratives, to experiment more with different creative modes, to express their own ideas, and to better utilize the role of mobile narratives in brand storytelling.