Lishui College came to our department for exchange

On April 11th, Wang Yalei, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Lishui College, and Yang Wuwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the Chinese Celadon College of Lishui College, and their four-member delegation visited Sino-German Branding Department. Cai Yan, Director of International Exchange Affairs Department of Zhejiang Wanli University, and Zhang Yiping, Director of Sino-German Branding Department and Dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication, received the guests from Lishui College. The two sides exchanged experiences of internationalized school running.

President Zhang Yiping welcomed the visit of Lishui College. He said that the mutual visits and exchanges of sister colleges and universities can helpInformation sharing and mutual learningbe able toPromoting co-development.

Director Cai Yan introduced the development history of Sino-German Branding Department, partner institutions, teachers and students traveling to study and teach, and believed that the Sino-German Branding Department has gradually formed. Advantage of resource channels for international cooperation, advantage of emerging disciplines in brand science, advantage of organizational platform for integration of industry, science and education.

Gao Di, vice dean of Sino-German School of Design and Communication, focused on the positioning and talent cultivation of the Sino-German Branding Department, introducing the development of the brand science discipline and professional construction, internationalized faculty construction, enrollment and employment and other aspects.

Mr. Wang Yalei, deputy director of Lishui College, expressed his gratitude to the International Exchange Office of the university and the Sino-German Branding Department for their sincere reception. After introducing the international exchange situation of Lishui College, the two sides also exchanged experiences around the development of Chinese-foreign cooperative school programs.