Lecture] The Meaning of Contemporary Intercultural Cooperation

time: April 16, 2024, 18:00-19:30

Location: Money Lake 53309

Title: The Significance of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Cooperation

Contemporary Implications of Intercultural Cooperation

Speakers: Mr. Christian Schneeberger, Ms. Marijana Berbakov

Speaker Profile:

Christian Schneeberger:Former member of the City Council of Salzburg, Austria, representative of the Culture Committee of the Freedom Party; President of the Co-Pax Cultural Association. Master of Laws, University of Salzburg, Austria.

In 1994, as project developer and project manager, led the AR GE-Alps project "Energy Efficient Communities" in 11 European regions, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. This project, combined with urban research, aims to promote the application of environmentally friendly energy technologies in all their aspects. In the same year, he also founded the Energy Association of the Canton of Salzburg.

As a Member of Parliament for Salzburg from 2004 to 2009, he was responsible for the area of culture and sport. He gained a wealth of intercultural experience in the course of frequent international engagements.

Marijana Berbakov:Spokesperson on cultural affairs for the Green Party at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Salzburg and head of the cultural communication company ArtMonopol. She studied Yugoslavian language and literature in Belgrade and Hamburg and holds a Master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management from the Technical University of Dresden. Coming from a family of diplomats, she is committed to the development of the art industry in Austria and Serbia, cooperating and exchanging ideas with cultural institutions in several European countries and GCC countries.