The Theoretical Study Center Group of the General Party Branch of Sino-German Branding Department Organizes Party Discipline Study and Education

On April 18, 2024, the Party General Branch of Sino-German Branding held a theoretical central group enlarged study meeting, in which the members of the faculty branch and the student branch attended the study together. The study centered on party discipline learning and education, led by Huang Heqing, Party General Branch Committee of Sino-German Branding Department, with a total of 8 people attending the meeting.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China have been revised twice, in 2015 and 2018. Revising it again after the 20th Party Congress is an inevitable requirement for implementing Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, a practical action to concretize the requirements of the Party's Constitution into disciplinary provisions, and a vivid embodiment of the realization of the convergence with other Party regulations and national laws. Recently, according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the school party committee on the party discipline learning and education in the whole party, the party branch of the Sino-German Branding Department of the Theoretical Learning Center Group held a special study meeting to carry out the party discipline learning and education around the newly revised Regulations on the Discipline and Punishment of the Communist Party of China. Party discipline learning and education is to educate and guide party members and cadres to learn discipline, know discipline, understand discipline, abide by discipline, figure out what the law of discipline of the party, figure out what can do, what can not do, and always be loyal, clean and responsible. There is no discipline, with strict discipline to require themselves. The study will focus on the new or revised key provisions of the CPC Disciplinary Regulations, the newly revised Regulations on the basis of summarizing the practical experience, improve the disciplinary norms with the times, compared with 2018, the new 16 articles, revised 76 articles, and highlights the problem-oriented, resolutely correcting the reform of formalism, bureaucracy and other key problems, the punishment of these behavioral problems is more targeted, providing an important guideline for the construction of party discipline. In general, the party discipline study and education has an important significance, can promote all levels of party organizations and the leadership team from the strict grasp of the party's discipline construction, to promote the majority of party members and cadres to strengthen the conscious awareness of compliance with discipline, so as to form a strong impetus for the modernization of the Chinese style and the synergy.

Through this study, the members of the center group talked about the learning and experience around the party discipline education and learning, combined with the college and their own actual situation. Comrade Luo Jun mentioned that Sino-German Brand School is not only a bridge between Chinese and foreign culture exchange, but also an important platform to promote international education cooperation. This study made him realize more clearly that he has to abide more strictly by the Party's discipline in the process of running cooperative schools, to ensure that every decision and behavior is in line with the Party's requirements, and to ensure the correct direction and high-quality development of educational cooperation projects. Comrade Lin Chen and Comrade Gao Di both started from the perspective of self-cultivation of Party members, which made them feel more profoundly the responsibility of being a Party member to constantly improve their own qualities and abilities, always check their words and deeds against each other, and constantly improve their Party cultivation. Comrade Huang Heqing spoke, through the party discipline learning and education, we need to think more about how to create a good culture of discipline within the General Branch, to guide the majority of party members and teachers to continuously improve the morality of teachers and teachers, and to lead all the teachers and students of the Department of the Department of the Department of the steady development of the school and the school to contribute to their own strength. Finally, Zhang Yiping, secretary of the party branch, concluded that the study of the Regulations is very necessary to draw the attention of all party members, party discipline for party members is higher than ordinary law, which means that each party member should be more self-disciplined and self-reflective comrades, and our party building work should be more vigorously implemented. With this party discipline study as an opportunity, we have to strengthen the standardization, accurate standardization of the implementation of party discipline, to maintain the rigidity and seriousness of party discipline, and effectively make rule-abiding become the political color of dare to play.